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European nursing homes – a five market comparison

This week we take a closer look at how the elderly residential nursing home market stacks up, specifically in five major European markets – France, Spain, Germany, Italy and UK. Here we compare the total, and for profit and public/not-for-profit market revenues, and look at where the international operators have the largest revenues. These figures are a snapshot of the position based on revenues in 2020 taken from our nursing homes reports in HBI Intelligence and the operator database.

Germany unsurprisingly has slightly more of the total market revenue, it has often been referred to the largest and most attractive nursing home in Europe. Though the second largest for-profit sector in Europe it is still substantial, for-profit revenue comes from both public and private payors and the not-for-profit market is just as strong. Korian and Orpea both have a strong presence in Germany amongst other smaller internationals and the many national providers.

France is the second largest total market and joint largest for public/not-for-profit, unlike the other major markets much of that is public – over half of the total market. The care element is state funded and the rest is funded by the individual and family, allowing them to choose where and in what type of home to reside – public, private or not-for-profit.   All of the top 5 internationals are present in France, with Korian, Orpea, Domus Vi and Colisee all having major market share.

The UK has the second largest total market share but the largest share of the for-profit, this is unsurprising as the UK sector is dominated by for-profit homes where a large proportion of residents are private-pay. However unlike the other major European markets none of the large operators have a presence ion the UK nursing home market.

Italy is an interesting but complex market funded roughly 50/50 public/private but this can really vary by region as can the involvement of public/for-profit/not-for-profit . With some large international groups such as Korian, Orpea Colisee, Groppo KOS, Groupe Maison de Familles and Kursana having significant market shares, yet many small remote towns still having small monastery run homes.

Spain is the smallest market and weighs more toward not-for-profit and public than for-profit perhaps 70-80%. It is suggested over 50% of nursing homes care is publicly funded and again there is much international group involvement with the likes of Domus Vi, Maison de Familles, Orpea Colisee, Korian. To read more click here to see our Nursing homes reports on HBI intelligence.

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