HBI estimates how Diaverum’s international exposure has shifted since 2014

For this week’s infographic, we estimate how for-sale global dialysis provider Diaverum’s international exposure has shifted from 2014-2018.

The infographic below visualises what percentage of US dollar sales each country represents for the group, which is currently in the process of being sold by owner Bridgepoint, starting in 2014 and ending on January 1, 2019.

It is based on a mix of publicly available data, some of Diaverum’s own figures and other market data obtained during our research for the HBI Intelligence Dialysis report. We have given this to sources close to Diaverum who, understandably, could not comment.

We’ve attempted to account for currency fluctuations but Russia and Argentina are likely to be less reliable than countries where its revenues figures are public, like Spain and Hungary. And we are not helped by Diaverum not releasing financial figures in its latest annual report (2018).

What it shows most clearly is the growing Saudi exposure, as well as from Romania where it has made large acquisitions in the last few years. Markets it has pulled out of include Australia (2018) and Turkey (2016).


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