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How does revenue per bed compare across Europe’s largest care home groups?


How does revenue per bed compare across different nursing home providers? In this infographic we compare average revenue per bed for Europe’s top for-profit nursing home groups.

Revenue per bed varies significantly between different nursing homes. This is partly because some are more luxury and private-pay focused than others. But it is also in large part down to location, as a significant part of the cost of nursing home care is down to the price of real estate and land.

This is likely a large part of why UK groups tend to have high revenue per bed. The UK has especially restrictive planning laws, which has drastically pushed up land and real estate prices over the past few decades.

Of the groups analysed, the one with the highest revenue per bed was Barchester Healthcare, at €63,000. The second highest is HC-One, with revenue per bed of €58,000. And none of the groups with lower revenue per bed are located in the UK.

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