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Perceived healthcare quality in 2021 by country

This week we looked at perceived healthcare quality across selected European countries last year based on research conducted by market research company IPSOS. 

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In the report Global Health Service Monitor 2021, IPSOS asked respondents their opinion on the quality of healthcare they can access in their country.

The highest perceived quality of healthcare was in the Netherlands (77% good/very good replies), Great Britain (68% good/very good replies) and United States (68% good/very good replies). 

The lowest levels of perceived quality was in Poland (12% good/very good replies), Russia (24% good/very good replies) and Japan (36% good/very good replies). Poland and Russia were also the countries with highest level of dissatisfaction, as 41% of Poles and 34% of Russians answered that the quality of healthcare in their country was either poor or very poor.

The lowest percentage of indecisive answers was in Spain (23%).  Dissatisfaction with quality is not the same as a drop in quality, of course, nor with respondents objecting to a system of payment or delivery as members can read this week here.

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