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NHS-style problems could cloud Polish healthcare – but there is a silver lining

Polish healthcare reform is in full swing. Healthcare Europa speaks to an Eastern Europe-based analyst who thinks building a UK NHS style-system will not only bring with it all the benefits, but also all of the pitfalls of publicly run healthcare - which could ultimately open up the market further to private providers.

Spanish dental chain bites the dust

Spanish dental chain iDental looks to have closed all its clinics, as it faces widespread complaints about the way it has conducted its business.

Saudi draft PPP law released

The Saudi Arabian government has released its draft PPP law. We look through the 50-page document which covers foreign ownership, labour laws and real estate, and speak to Colliers International's head of healthcare in MENA who tells us as far as the last of these is concerned, there is a pleasant surprise.

Sweeping Ukrainian healthcare reforms create opportunities for private providers

Opportunities are opening up to private providers in Ukraine, where sweeping reforms are introducing more of a free market feel to the previously socialist system. Healthcare Europa speaks to Konstantin Lebedyev, a Ukrainian consultant based in Denmark who formerly ran a private clinic in the Ukraine to find out more about the key changes that came into force earlier this week.

India’s attempt at UHC gets implementation date

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi will officially launch his national health scheme, the AB-NHPM (Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission ) or 'Modicare', on August 15. So far only states ruled by Modi's party have signed up, and operators have expressed dismay at the tariffs on offer. One contact describes this as a "watershed […]

China 2030 programme opening the door to foreign operators

The revitalisation of the Chinese healthcare market is creating significant opportunities for foreign operators, as the government looks outside its borders for help with an already overburdened system and aging population. We talk to the CEO of a European company at the forefront of tendering for bids to find out more.

FREE BLOG Two more headaches for health operators looking at China

Breaking into the Chinese healthcare market is notoriously difficult for foreigners. It usually requires lengthy relationship cultivation or strong local partners to front up any deal - often both. One expert well grounded in introducing foreign investors to the market tells Healthcare Nova things are about to get even harder.

Saudi PPP law could be delayed by ARAMCO IPO

Healthcare Nova hears that the much-discussed legal framework around private-public-partnerships in Saudi Arabia could be delayed until after state oil giant ARAMCO has gone public.