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Integrated care and value health set to soar in Europe

European politicians increasingly get the value of care which integrates social and acute or the holistic treatment of chronic diseases. They also want value healthcare models which reward operators for quality. Pilots are becoming larger and, in some cases, have been rolled out as long-term projects covering millions of people. There are plenty of opportunities for nimble private sector players. We look at what is happening across Europe.

Ukraine reforms likely to boost private sector

The president of Ukraine has just signed into law a series of healthcare reforms which introduce a clear framework that replaces a system which wrote annual cheques to public sector hospitals. The new system is likely to lead to the inclusion of the thriving private sector in publicly-funded healthcare delivery. 

German states set to delay single-bed ratio deadlines

Healthcare Europa hears that authorities in Germany are granting exemptions to nursing home providers that allow them to temporarily continue operating with lower single bedroom ratios than required by new laws imposed at the state level.

Argentinian healthcare overhaul meets with opposition

Reforms designed to overhaul universal health coverage in Argentina, which will also see the introduction of country-wide electronic health records, are meeting with strong union opposition. We speak to an Argentinian healthcare expert to find out more.