Healthcare Reform


Nordic PMI grows in tandem with waiting lists

Private medical insurance (PMI) plans are on the increase in the Nordic nations, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Longer public health waiting times and incentives in employment contracts are the main reasons. HBI investigates.

New Swedish government’s health policies could benefit for profit providers

A right-wing coalition government is still to be formed in Sweden, under probable prime minister Ulf Kristersson. It is expected to encourage for-profit health providers to help the public system reduce waiting lists. Multi billions of extra funding will also be allocated to the national, regional and local authorities to bolster the system.

Right shift could boost Swedish for-profit

Less than three weeks ahead of the September 11 elections, Swedish parties are neck-to-neck in the opinion polls. The question is whether the centre left Social Democratic Party will remain in power. In its favour is the relative popularity of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, who in the polls is well ahead of opposition leaders.

Netherlands to end free choice in health care

The Dutch government is seeking to end free choice within health care by removing the obligation on health insurers to reimburse care from any provider. The proposal is part of the cabinet’s plan to shake up the Netherland’s health care system, and will make it much harder for new entrants to compete with established providers. HBI chats with two market experts to find out more.

WHO criticises prominence of for-profits in Bulgaria

A World Health Organisation (WHO) Report published in July chastises Bulgaria’s Health Ministry for allowing the for-profit sector to dominate the nation’s healthcare, while much needed reforms look to be on hold following the collapse of the government.

Portuguese hospital groups face €191 million fine

The Autorldade da Concorrencia (AdC), the Portuguese Competition Authority, has sanctioned and imposed fines of €191 million on several private hospital groups and the Portuguese Private Hospitals Association (APHP).

HBI 2022: Balance of power in MENA is shifting

There is a risk, when looking at healthcare markets in MENA, of lumping all the countries together as one - but each market has very specific requirements, and very specific characteristics. A panel at HBI 2022 chaired by Hamid Yunis, partner at global law firm McDermott Will & Emery, investigated challenges and opportunities in the region - and how rapidly the markets are changing and why overseas players now need to work harder to impress.

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