Healthcare Reform


Families to get free granny tech from next year

Next year, Germany will launch a new telemonitoring reimbursement scheme to give families and carers free homecare tech. A similar bill for chronic disease management in France also might squeeze its way into next year's health budget.

Payor reforms re-shape Kuwait’s private hospital market

Kuwait's private hospital market is undergoing a seismic change. Private insurance for local retirees, rolled out in late 2016, now accounts for a third of sales while in 2019/20 the government launched a PPP to move blue-collar foreign nationals out of the public system.

Why the low margin Danish nursing home sector is attracting attention

Denmark is a relatively small market, with a population of less than six million, and like the rest of the Nordics its politics can often be very hostile to for-profit operators. Despite this, the for-profit care home sector is growing despite relatively low returns. HBI talks to two market experts about the appeal and development of the Danish nursing home sector.

Hospital mergers could lead to nationalisations

A UK NHS Trust's acquisition of a hospital from the UK's largest for-profit hospital group Circle-BMI Healthcare may not be the last of its kind, local sources tell HBI, while calls for state takeovers of private hospitals have been heard across Europe. 

UK private hospital nationalised

Bath NHS Foundation Trust has acquired the local hospital of for-profit operator Circle Health, completing a disposal process ordered by competition authorities following Circle's acquisition of competitor BMI Healthcare. Could this be a sign of things to come? 

Europe’s drive to outpatient surgery: An analysis

The Nordics and UK lead Europe in the move to day-case and outpatient surgery but France is catching up fast, having quadrupled its own outpatient surgery proportion in the past decade, HBI analysis of OECD data shows. The analysis of 17 procedures across 22 countries confirms much of the past anecdotal evidence on the for-profit sector in each country.

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