Healthcare Reform


Benelux countries make moves on digital therapy reimbursement

The Netherlands and Belgium are closely following behind Germany in reimbursing digital therapeutics (DTx). Payors in the former are negotiating a strategy while the latter has just seen a rehabilitation app become the first to receive public payment. 

Pandemic sparks nationalisation talks in Ireland

The Irish government is reportedly considering buying and nationalising some of the country's 19 private hospitals to help increase bed capacity in the public system. HBI talks to public and private hospital sources for and against it. 

COVID-19: Care sector confronts crisis, hospitals hit hard

In the second of our two-part deep dive into how COVID-19 is hitting healthcare markets across EMEA, we ask how hospitals are coping with spiralling staff sickness and a flood of patients, and whether the care and dialysis sectors can stay afloat given the risk the virus poses to their most vulnerable patients.

Germany to reform financing of long-term care

Germany is on the brink of reforming the financing of long-term care insurance (LTC) which funds elderly care. The industrious Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn could produce a draft law by the summer, and private insurers are proposing revolutionary ways of bringing fresh capital to the system.

EIT Health starts to map data sources

Most attempts at innovation in healthcare are still being built with insufficient access to the data that defines the problem. The EU's health innovation arm, EIT Health, is calling for providers to be more data transparent for the sake of policymakers and entrepreneurs. HBI speaks to its CEO and director of innovation about curating data.

COVID-19: Threats and opportunities

Covid-19 is going to have a huge impact on for-profit healthcare services. In the first of a two-part report, we look at what that will be at a sector and country level. Digital health looks like being a winner, Ping An claims online consultations are up tenfold, with the spectre of a crash in elective procedures hanging over for-profit hospitals and specialist outpatient chains. We also look at the likely impact on M&A.  The second part of this report, focussing on the care sector, will be published next week.

Investors for Health opens door to all serious emerging market investors

All emerging market health-care investors are welcome to join Investors for Health (I4H), a newish community of 30+ investors including development banks, private equity, venture capital and impact funds. The group aims to jointly focus on private healthcare development in emerging markets with a focus on equity and alignment with universal healthcare cover. It next meets at HBI 2020, April 20-22, London. Its formation reflects a quiet revolution in the role of for-profit healthcare and its importance in bridging the World Health Organisation's estimated $686bn funding gap in low-and-middle-income countries to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #3 (“Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”).

Nordic listed care companies: A comparison

The for-profit Nordic care sector has faced intensified scrutiny after scandals erupted at Finnish Esperi and Attendo last year. A look at the share prices of listed companies Ambea, Attendo and Humana gives some indication of the effect of this, where newly elected governments in the last few years have created environments more or less favourable to the private sector.

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