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PMI and out of pocket boosts for-profit oncology in UK, Romania and India

Rates of growth vary dramatically in the for-profit oncology with mature markets with large outpatient radiotherapy sectors in France and Germany being left standing by growth rates in Emerging Markets such as India according to the latest report from HBI Intelligence. Surprisingly, the UK is also growing at 10%.

The German and French markets are already dwarfed in size in comparison to what is happening in India, where the for-profit oncology market at over €3.5bn is almost 3 times bigger than Germany as general and speciality hospitals corner a private pay, out-of-pocket market. Romania and the UK are also managing 10% growth as PMI and out of pocket grows.

HBI Intelligence is the only Pan-EMEA data platform to cover for-profit health care services. It incorporates detailed, and constantly updated, surveys of sub-sectors across up to 23 countries linked to a database of 3,500 companies across EMEA and emerging markets.

HBI Intelligence members can view market size at country level, plus growth rates and the market share of major players for the following sub-sectors: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dentistry, Dialysis, Fertility, Imaging, Labs, Oncology, Post-acute rehabilitation, Psychiatry and Telehealth. We are currently working on Occupational Healthcare, Domiciliary Homecare, Medicalised Homecare and Ophthalmology.

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