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Top 5 European ophthalmology players


This infographic showcases Europe’s top 5 ophthalmology players by revenue in the reporting period 2018–2022: Veonet Group, Sanoptis, Artemis Augenkliniken, Clinica Baviera, and Optegra.

Veonet Group’s network of businesses includes SpaMedica in the UK, Eyescan in the Netherlands, Germany’s Die Ober Scharrer Gruppe, Vista in Switzerland, and Miranza in Spain. Their network includes more than 250 businesses serving over 2,000,000 patients annually, including conducting more than 450,000 surgeries.

Founded in 2018, Sanoptis is the second largest provider of ophthalmology services in Europe.

The network is as of 2024 operating in over 400 locations throughout Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Spain. They offer a range of specialty services, from aesthetics to treating age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Group Bruxelles Lambert (GBL), a Belgian holding company, acquired a majority stake of Sanoptis in 2022 for €750m, stating their ambition to “continue Sanoptis’ growth organically and through acquisitions”.

Clinica Baviera, founded in 1992 by Dr. Julio Baviera, has grown to become a network of more than 100 businesses serving almost half a million patients across four countries. 

The German market appears to trend further towards consolidation within larger networks, with Switzerland and Spain also well represented. HBI anticipates further consolidation within the sector across Europe.

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