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UK’s private hospitals ranked by patient feedback

Did you know that there is now an official data source for patient satisfaction, AVLOS and hospital-acquired infections for most of the UK’s private hospital sector? We rank 100 of them.

The UK government-mandated Private Healthcare Information Network, or PHIN, publishes data collected under legal order around private hospital activity. It has figures on 470 private hospitals including NHS private units and around 7,000 consultants,  though the data is far more comprehensive in the former.

We took 100 private hospitals, not including PPUs and non-profits other than Nuffield, for which there is data on “the percentage of patients who said their needs were met”. See them below.

We asked PHIN why data was more comprehensive for hospitals than for consultants. It told HBI:

“At this stage we have been able to publish a greater range of measures for hospitals as they are the primary source of the data PHIN collects, with very little scope for misattribution of activity between different hospitals. However, many consultants work across multiple private and NHS hospitals which creates a more complex picture of their whole practice with greater scope for misattribution. As such we work closely with consultants, giving them the opportunity to review and validate the private and NHS activity attributed to them by their hospitals.

“As the data matures we will continue to work with NHS Digital, hospitals and consultants to ensure that we publish measures in a way which balances our commitment to produce comprehensive and timely information for patients, alongside an equal commitment to ensuring the integrity and fairness of our information at all stages of publication.”

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