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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Walter Shekman, CEO, Dobrobut

HBI’s Lee Murray recently caught up with Walter Shekman, CEO of Ukrainian private hospital and clinic group Dobrobut. In this video, they explore Ukraine’s ~$16.4bn healthcare recovery need – and what this means for private providers in the country.

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As the government restarts its paused reform programme, a PPP solution is being touted. Private provision in the country is funded mostly out of pocket and the country’s NHS tariffs are too low for private providers to play a big role, especially as co-pay models are not yet accepted.

He tells us: “We think there is no way to rebuild Ukraine as a country without a robust healthcare system, and there is no way to rebuild a robust healthcare system by just strictly rebuilding the government-operated healthcare system.”

Click below to see Walter discuss the impact of the war, his views on the government reforms and his plans for growth and hopes for the future.

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