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Where do outpatient providers dominate oncology markets?

This week HBI looks at where outpatient oncology providers stand in the market against inpatient providers based on newly released data in the HBI Intelligence platform.

Oncology in Europe is delivered in hospitals (general or specialist hospitals), or outpatient clinics that can deliver radiotherapy or surgery, and the market share between the two sectors varies on a country to country basis.

The infographic shows that the outpatient sector dominates in Germany, France and Romania. In these markets radiotherapy and chemotherapy is delivered mostly delivered in outpatient clinics while surgery is delivered in the for-profit hospitals. The strength of the outpatient market is unlikely to change in these countries as all have a continued trend towards delivering more care in an outpatient setting.

The story is different in Spain. It has always had a strong outpatient market but analysts tell HBI that Spain’s large hospital groups are starting to take market share from the outpatient sector as patients seek more comprehensive treatment. In the UK too the oncology revenues of the hospitals are growing fast.

The infographic also shows the varying degrees of consolidation in each market. In Germany no single player owns more than 3% of the market, showing there’s an opportunity for consolidation. PE funds and operators have slowly been buying up independent clinics (as stories in HBI Deals+Insights show) but there’s a long way to go before we see a large national operator.

For more details on the differences between the inpatient and outpatient markets, who’s consolidating the markets, plus market size and growth figures see HBI’s new oncology report. Found only on HBI Intelligence.

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