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Where does the revenue of Europe’s top 10 hospital groups come from?


In this week’s infographic we present data from HBI’s Operator Database, showing which countries the revenue of the top 10 hospital groups (by revenue) comes from.

The above infographic uses HBI’s latest figures for the hospital activity revenue by country of the top 10 hospital groups on HBI’s Operator Database. Non-hospital activity is not included.

Germany contributes by far the largest amount to the top 10’s total revenue, with over €14bn coming from its three hospital giants, Fresenius, Asklepios and Sana. France contributes less than half that, from its three giants, Elsan, Ramsay Sante and Vivalto Sante.

The UK and Spain both contribute just over €3bn. But for the UK this is split amongst its top three – Spire, Circle and Ramsay – whilst for Spain it comes entirely from Helios.

The HBI Operator Database, which allows you to search operators by country and sub sector, is available to all HBI Intelligence members.

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