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Growth in fertility markets

This infographic shows HBI estimates of growth in the financial value of the fertility markets in countries across Europe for 2018. Fertility in this context includes IVF (in vitro fertilisation), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and IUI (intrauterine insemination). It was compiled using data from CEO, investor and analyst interviews and using publicy available figures from […]

Tele-primary care penetration across Europe

With Swiss-provider Medgate recently moving into Germany and UK-based Babylon given the greenlight to expand beyond the country's capital, HBI looks at how far telehealth has so far penetrated primary care across Europe. 

Infographic of the week: dialysis shortfall in West Africa

We visualise the tragic lack of dialysis capacity in West Africa’s two largest economies, one of which is combining public sector money and private sector management to address the shortfall. Only 3-4% of Nigeria’s 50,000 ESRD (end-stage renal disease) sufferers get access to dialysis treatment while even fewer get a new kidney. Since ESRD is normally […]

UAE hospital sector graphic

We look at how private hospital operators in the UAE ramped up operations and increased occupancy – or lost it – during 2015-2017. Distinct patterns emerge. Keeping with the theme of Arab Health, which HBI attended last week, our infographics below show which private hospital operators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi managed to increase operational […]

Graphic of the week: M&A trends over the last 2-3 years

Our graphic of the week charts significant deals in Europe, highlighting the correlation between sectors, growth, EBITDA multiples and company sizes. What are the trends over the last three years (2016-2018)? The at-a-glance summary below shows payor pressures and subsequently sluggish growth leading to low multiples in the hospital sector. Hospitals also show the strongest correlation of all the […]

Global radiotherapy gap by geography

Where are the gaps in global radiotherapy coverage? This infographic, part of Medipass' presentation at our HBI 2018 conference, clearly shows the areas which are least, and best covered.

The distribution of Germany’s five biggest lab players

The top five lab players in Germany take up about 40% of the for-profit market and 30% of the total market. This week HBI looks at their distribution across the country to help spot further consolidation opportunities and trends in regional coverage.

Sweden’s for-profit nursing home market

Providers have been feeling increasingly optimistic about Sweden's for-profit nursing home market since its elections swung the country to the right in September. Demographic changes - Sweden is currently welcoming a wave of baby boomers into care - mean Sweden has had to be lenient on a private sector shouldering the burden of building new, much-needed capacity.

Graph of the week: predicting private equity exits

This week we gather the timelines of recent PE investments into one graph. From here, you can see where PE has recently exited and when it might do so in the future. Please go full screen to interact with the timeline. We’ve included all healthcare companies that have revenues around and above €300m across Europe […]

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