HBI Infographic of the week

When have e-prescriptions become mandatory in Europe?

This week HBI looks at when e-prescriptions became mandatory across most of Europe's big healthcare markets. Surprisingly, France and Germany look to be years behind other 'less developed' healthcare systems.

Not-for-profits dominate Europe’s adult care

Adult social care, a major sector in the UK and Nordics in particular, has traditionally been dominated by the not-for-profit sector in Europe. In this week's infographic, we look at the for-profit, not-for-profit/public split across select countries in Europe.

Chinese spend more cash on healthcare than France spends overall

This week the OECD has released new data on healthcare expenditures for 2019 across several major economies. It shows some interesting nuggets, like how the Chinese spend more out-of-pocket than the entirety of France spends on healthcare and that Hungary has one of the lowest healthcare spendings in the world. 

How Synlab’s revenue split has changed over time

This week HBI looks at how the global revenues of lab group Synlab have changed over the past five years. 

Lab share prices drop from Covid created peaks

In this week’s infographic we take a closer look at the lab market stocks, mapping the percentage change from March 2020 to date for six of the largest players in the sector globally -  Medicover, Sonic Healthcare, Synlab, Dian Diagnostics, Diagnosticos da America (DASA), and Grupo Fleury. What does it show?

Majority of major listed groups still trading lower than pre-pandemic

On average, the price of shares in 14 major listed healthcare groups are up 26% since the start of 2020. But the majority (eight of the 14) are priced lower than at they were at start of 2020.  

Lab share prices suggest Covid testing is here to stay

Covid testing is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. This is the clear message from the stockmarket, as the infographic below which was presented at HBI 2021 by Hedley Goldberg, managing director at Rothschild & Co, illustrates.

Mental health demand rockets due to COVID

Demand for mental health support is set to increase alarmingly over the next five years. The attached infographic formed part of a presentation by Hedley Goldberg, managing director at Rothschild & Co, at HBI 2021. It paints a worrying picture.

New HBI tool shows investor landscape for healthcare services

Private equity has made at least 750 investments in healthcare services in the past fifteen years, while institutional investors have made over 220. HBI's new investor tool catalogues all of these so that you can find who's invested in any subsector - historical and current -, the healthcare services portfolio of major investors, and which sectors are attracting new interest. 

Hospital markets may never return to normal

Most of Europe's largest hospital groups are still seeing revenue and EBITDA stall as a result of the pandemic. HBI's analysis of the first six months of 2021 shows which segments are ahead, flat or behind on the same period two years ago. 

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