HBI Infographic of the week

AI-based imaging start-ups worth over €1bn

This week HBI looks at the landscape of start-ups developing AI-based image interpretation tools, finding that the market's most prominent players have collectively raised €500m meaning well over €1bn in combined valuation. 

How the dentistry market has changed since 2012

IDH has been the largest dentistry player in Europe since 2013 and still sits about €100m ahead of its closest competitor. This week HBI assesses how the league table of the continent's biggest players has moved in the past eight years. 

Infra shows greater post-COVID appetite

Recent deals in Europe show private equity infrastructure funds have returned to deal-making much more quickly than normal private equity ones, accounting for the last three major deals in services. Why?

The growth of UHC since 1990

Countries in Asia and Southern and Eastern Africa have achieved double-digit increases in their Universal Health Coverage (UHC) index in the last decade, says a new study in The Lancet. We display its findings for this week's comprehensive infographic. 

What is happening with the big pre-COVID sales processes?

This week HBI takes stock of the sales processes that were launched before international lockdowns hit in late Spring to see which have been postponed, cancelled, agreed, re-launched or are still pending.

European private healthcare sector’s 2019 growth in one chart

Looking at c.200 of Europe's largest healthcare operators' 2019 revenue figures using the latest data from HBI Intelligence gives a snapshot of the sector. How does the picture differ internationally, and by sub-sector based on our recent update?

How international is Europe’s for-profit healthcare sector?

This week, one of Europe's hottest healthcare sectors saw a new two-country platform emerge when French homecare player Santie Cie acquired German peer Aposan. Data from HBI Intelligence reveals how much of Europe's six largest for-profit healthcare sectors are held by international operators. 

Infographic: Q2 results for EMEA acute operators (so far)

The COVID impact on the second-quarter results of EMEA's hospital and acute care operators is a hugely mixed picture, as per recent disclosures from operators in Germany, Spain, Russia, Portugal, South Africa, the Nordics and the US. Some are barely affected thanks to state protections, while others have seen hefty double-digit drops. 

Video consultations in the UK fell during COVID-19

For all the talk of COVID-19 pushing ahead the digitalisation of healthcare, the use of video consultations in both actual numbers and as a percentage of consultations in primary care fell during the pandemic's peak. Recent headlines talk about 48% of primary care being delivered digitally, but most of these were telephone calls.

People are going back to hospital

After sharp drops in March and April, hospital emergency departments across Europe are returning to their pre-COVID levels.

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