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When did long-term care shut down compared to public spaces?

There was a four-week delay in introducing restrictions on long-term care facilities in the UK, according to a policy tracker from the OECD. Other countries locked up care much quicker. You might expect an obvious correlation with death rates but this does not necessarily appear to be the case.

The worst hit hospital markets

Just a quarter of all for-profit hospital markets we cover are expected to see positive growth in 2020, data from HBI Intelligence shows. Hospitals in East and Southern Europe, the UK and South Africa have been the worst hit in a year that saw huge drops in elective and even essential acute care.

Investors love German dental, ophtha and imaging

Dentistry, ophthalmology and imaging/radiotherapy have received the most investor interest recently of all German outpatient sectors, says a soon-to-be published whitepaper by consultancy Ebner Stolz. 

Comparing the COVID impact on for-profit healthcare by sub-sector

As we near the end of 2020, HBI compares pre- and post-COVID forecasts for sub-sector growth across EMEA to assess which ones were most and least affected.

Propco investment booms in Germany, struggles elsewhere

Healthcare property investment levels have boomed in Germany and plummeted in the UK for the first nine months of 2020 compared to five-year averages, data from JLL shows. Across Europe, deal value has all-but-matched 2015-2019.

How involved are for-profit hospitals in academic research?

How involved are for-profit hospitals in academic research? Very few run university or research hospitals, but for those that do, mentions in Google Scholar make for interesting reading.

Non-profit hospital consolidation in Germany and France

How does consolidation compare between the non-profit and for-profit hospital markets in Germany and France? See this snippet of our upcoming HBI Intelligence report on the non-profit hospital sector in West Europe.

Quarterly sales performance across Europe’s subsectors

As we head into the fourth quarter of the financial year, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on organic and inorganic growth is becoming clearer. Most groups have tipped back into positive growth but the lockdowns that hit finances so hard in the first half of the year are either looming or in full swing already.

N or M shaped year for digital consultation volumes?

Data from NHS England, Finnish private healthcare group Terveystalo and telehealth provider Doctrin all show dips in digital consultation volumes during summer - but quite different trends in the following period, with some continuing to grow and some not reaching the peaks of spring. 

€1.8bn in write-downs and impairments for big hospital/care stocks

Did you know the last two years has seen a combined €1.8bn in goodwill write-downs and impairment charges at seven of the largest listed hospital and elderly care stocks in the sector? And that NMC Health had nearly that amount of goodwill before it de-listed?

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