HBI Infographic of the week

Revenue per bed in rehab markets compared

How do Europe's four big inpatient post-acute/rehabilitation markets compare on average revenues per bed? HBI analysis for an ongoing ratio report reveals all.

8-fold variations in revenue per imaging modality in Europe

Average revenues for an MRI, CT or PET-CT machine in West Europe vary massively, with four-fold differences within markets and seven-to eight-fold between countries. That is according to research for an upcoming HBI Intelligence financial ratio report on imaging and several other sub-sectors. 

Private care home market share varies widely across Europe

Private sector penetration of care home markets varies across Europe. This week's infographic shows how care home ownership divides between the for-profit, non-profit and public sectors in European countries.

Retirement village supply varies widely across Europe

The supply of retirement village housing, sometimes called assisted living, varies widely across western Europe. We go through both demand-side and supply-side causes of this disparity. 

Which European country has the highest AVLOS for dementia and Alzheimer’s?

This week’s infographic illustrates the average length of stay (AVLOS) for patients with dementia or Alzheimer's across Europe and how it has changed since 2010.

Mapping psychiatric care bed capacity across Europe

For this week's infographic, HBI looks at data around inpatient psychiatric care services in Europe, as well as the market share of the for-profit sector. What does it show? 

How Covid changed four sectors’ growth trajectory

How has the global pandemic changed the 2020-23 growth trajectory for the EMEA for-profit hospital, imaging, lab and teleradiology sectors, compared to what would have happened with no Covid? HBI Intelligence data reveals all.

At least 3.5m mammograms missed in 2020

Mammographies dropped between 10-67% in Europe's major markets last year as COVID-19 put a halt to most national screening programmes. At least 3.5m were missed.

German spending growth on hospitals vs homecare since 2001

What does the data on Germany's hospital versus homecare expenditure growth in the last two decades tell us?

The EU digital health start-up landscape

Technology-driven healthcare solutions from telehealth to digital therapeutics have received much attention through the pandemic. We look at the landscape of Europe's largest players, who have collectively raised over €1.3bn since the beginning of 2019.

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