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Private sector share of diagnostic imaging in Europe

For this week's infographic, we offer a sneak peak at the private sector's share of diagnostic imaging in 13 major markets in Europe and the GCC. It is a snippet of our in-progress HBI Intelligence report on diagnostic imaging, which will be accessible to HBI Intelligence users shortly.

What are Germany’s biggest for-profit healthcare markets?

Germany spends more on healthcare in real terms than any country in Europe. Alongside France, it also has the highest spending ratio for healthcare at 11.2% GDP. Here, we show you how the German for-profit healthcare market breaks down by sector and give you some insight into M&A in its three biggest markets.

Europe’s becoming more dependent on foreign-trained medical staff

This week HBI tracks how the proportion of foreign-trained workforces in different European countries has changed over the past decade using OECD data.

Visualising the crisis in homecare staff

The ratio between nurses and personal carers and populations over 65 tells you a lot about a country's ability to provide adequate homecare. Here we track the number for eight OECD countries. Overall the ratio has dropped.

Private health insurance penetration in the Nordics

This week HBI looks at how many people in Sweden, Norway and Denmark have got health insured and how that insurance is funded. 

European private healthcare sector’s 2018 growth in one chart

How did 260 of Europe’s biggest private healthcare service providers fare financially in 2018? Noticeable country and sector-trends emerge in this week’s infographic.

Medicalised homecare across Europe: who uses it the most?

We take a look at medicalised homecare user rates across Europe, which reflect the take-up of specialised medical treatment in the home by the whole population and give us interesting insights into how numerous markets operate: France, Iceland and Benelux use it far more than anyone else.

OECD imaging data shows stark differences in usage

The OECD's data on imaging examinations per-person and per-machine show massive gulfs in levels of usage, as well as the concentration of the sector outside of the hospital setting in Germany and France.

How extensive is NHI coverage in emerging markets?

As governments in South Africa and Uganda are preparing to put national health insurance (NHI) bills to parliaments, HBI looks at schemes already in place and the extent of coverage based on the latest available data.

Consolidation of the nursing home sector

This week we visualise how consolidated nursing home markets are across Europe, based on HBI's Intelligence report.

Where do outpatient providers dominate oncology markets?

This week HBI looks at where outpatient oncology providers stand in the market against inpatient providers based on newly released data in the HBI Intelligence platform. 

Visualising the consolidation of healthcare markets

In this week's infographic, we visualise how Finland's big three operators Mehilainen, Terveystalo and Pihlajalinna have consolidated the private healthcare market over the past decade.

The outmigration of hospital care visualised

As Mediclinic expands its day surgery capacity, this week's infographic visualises the outmigration of hospital care in three infographics.

Private sector penetration of dialysis compared across EMEA

The latest addition to our Intelligence Centre, dialysis, is the only healthcare sector that has been successfully industrialised, internationalised and privatised by over half, across the EMEA markets we look at. There are four global haemodialysis (the bulk of dialysis) service operators, Fresenius Medical Care, B Braun, Diaverum and Davita (in order of geographical reach). But on the third measure, privatisation, the story is a varied one as shown in this week's infographic.

Who delivers radiotherapy in the private sector?

As we put the finishing touches to the oncology report for our HBI Intelligence platform, this week we take a look at where radiotherapy therapy is delivered in the private sector in different markets. 

European market potential for residential elderly care

This week we plot three variables showing possible future market potential for for-profit residential elderly care across eleven different countries and three European regions.

Private sector continuum of care compared across markets

For our graph of the week, we look at the private corporate healthcare sector's position on the continuum of care from primary care and outpatient through to rehabilitation and diagnostics.

Medical staff spending vs hospitalisation rates

This week we plot medical staff spending in France against total hospitalisation rates and explore how the numbers paint a picture of national sectors. What treatments cost businesses and payors the most in staff resources? Where are inpatient admissions the highest?

Plotting 2018’s lab acquisitions by revenue, cost and size

This week HBI assesses the acquisitions made by the largest pan-European lab groups in 2018 by revenue, the price paid and number of sites.

Healthcare overactivity by country shows data is the key

For this week's infographic - and in the spirit of value health having attended ICHOM last week - HBI compares healthcare service usage across 25 markets, looking at hospital money-makers caesareans, hip and knee replacements. It shows a link between data-rich healthcare systems and lower activity.

Public versus private after SOTE’s Finnish failure

As the dust settles on the failure of SOTE to pass in Finland, questions still remain about the position of the private sector going forward. This week's infographic takes a glance at where the for-profit sector is at the moment and the gaps that it might be called on to fill in the future. 

Which type of company controls telehealth across Europe?

There are a number of different models for the operation of telehealth across Europe. This week HBI assesses which type of company dominates the delivery of remote consultations in different markets. 

How M&A in the lab sector has consolidated market share

A handful of lab companies have emerged in the last 3-4 years as pan-European players through M&A. This week HBI takes a snapshot look at the market share of the 'pan-European acquisitive six' in different markets.

Patient pathways through teleconsultation

Everywhere we walked at HBI 2019 somebody was talking about digital health. It was the main theme of our Policy Summit, which brought together operators and policymakers, and filled discussions from radiology to primary care to rehab. This week's infographic looks at the different patient pathways through remote consultations in operation across Europe. 
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