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GCC hospital markets: not for the faint-hearted

The GCC's private hospital sector had a highly volatile second half of the 2010s despite being the target of huge foreign investments in the first. Public data shows huge fluctuations in annual growth in 2014-2019 across Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai, UAE.

Europe’s digital health sector hits peak investment

The first six months of 2021 were a bumper year for Europe's digital health startups as they raised more money than ever before. This week's infographic gives a sneak peek at HBI's special report on how to value a digital health company. You can read the whole thing by subscribing to HBI Deals+Insights.

Domiciliary care growth rockets

This week we look at the growing domiciliary care market's largest players by revenue, with this interactive table.

Occupancy loss and excess deaths during the pandemic

A lot of discussion has taken place about the conduct of nursing homes in the pandemic. Today we look at the number of excess deaths among the over 65s in a population in 2020, and compare it to the loss in occupancy that operators suffered through that year.

CEO pay cuts during the pandemic

A lot of CEOs took huge pay cuts through the last financial year, others made bank. HBI explores CEO pay in a year when revenue expectations went out of the window, staff were furloughed and governments had to prop up businesses across EMEA.

Emergency department visits not quite back to normal

Hospital admissions for A&E patients have not yet returned to their pre-Covid levels in Western Europe, despite significant increases in attendance since January this year.

EU healthcare is a bribery hotspot

Healthcare in Europe is a corruption hotspot: six percent of people have paid bribes to get medical care and a third relied on personal connections. That's according to a new report by Transparency International. 

Nordics and UK lead Europe on outpatient surgery

The Nordics and the UK lead the way in shifting hospital care to outpatient and day case treatments while DACH and CEE have a lot of catching up to do. This week's infographic is a redacted version of a larger analysis piece available to subscribers.

How much of Europe’s homecare is ‘grey’?

This week HBI breaks down data from several sources and illustrates the share of informal homecare in European Countries and the UK. It makes clear just how much care at home is being illegally delivered.

Share prices of top listed healthcare groups up 25% since October

The share prices of 14 of the top listed healthcare services groups have increased by 25% on average since the start of October, following a fall of 13% in the first three quarters of 2020. The best-performing shares are hospital and outpatient groups, whilst elderly care companies have done less well. 

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