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HBI 2024 conference welcomes a record number of delegates from 40 countries

The HBI 2024 conference, held from June 10 to 12 at Park Plaza, London, has successfully concluded. The event welcomed 580 delegates from 40 countries, marking an increase from 562 delegates in 2023. The attendance included 154 investors, 88 suppliers, 176 providers and 162 advisors. Among the delegates were 201 CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, and Managing […]

UK private hospital admissions hit record levels in 2023

This infographic looks at the private hospital admissions in the United Kingdom, drawing on data from a Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) report.

India’s IVF market ripe for consolidation

In this infographic we explore India's IVF market, which is ripe for consolidation.

Spanish firms dominate Europe’s fertility industry

In this infographic we explore the top five fertility companies in Europe.  The analysis is grounded in 2022 revenue data taken from our own HBI database.

UK dental market is ripe for consolidation with single and dual practice dominance

This week's infographic delves into the ownership within the UK dental market, and the key providers, with insights sourced from Christie & Co.

France’s healthcare PE deals soared between 2014 and 2023

This week's infographic looks at healthcare private equity deals in France between 2014 and 2023, focusing on transactions valued at over $5 million.

Examining closure trends in for-profit care homes in England

In this week’s infographic we look at the reported numbers of care home closures (voluntary and involuntary) in the UK from 2011 to 2023, as compiled by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and reported by The Lancet, a medical journal.

Clariane vs. emeis: which is weathering the storm better?

Shares of France's two listed pan-European nursing home giants, Emeis (formerly Orpea) and Clariane (formerly Korian) have both fallen precipitously since the start of 2022. Two years down the line, which group's finances are in better shape?

A look at EMEA’s top imaging services groups by revenue

This week's infographic showcases EMEA’s top 5 Imaging service groups by revenue in FY2022, compared from 2019–2022: Groupe Vidi, Affidea, Alliance Medical, InHealth Group and Evidia.

Top 5 European ophthalmology players

This infographic showcases Europe's top 5 ophthalmology players by revenue in the reporting period 2018–2022: Veonet Group, Sanoptis, Artemis Augenkliniken, Clinica Baviera, and Optegra.

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