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Spain is registering doctors faster than patients are aging

The international healthcare workforce crisis has two main factors - populations are aging pushing demand for healthcare up, and there is a problem with supply as groups struggle to train, hire and retain doctors. That said, in Spain at least, the number of registered doctors is growing at a quicker rate than the population is aging.

UK private pay growing, but self-pay declines slightly

The Private Health Information Network (PHIN) has released its quarterly private market update, showing private pay admissions in the UK through to Q4 2022.

Top destinations for holiday dialysis

In its recent ESG report, multinational dialysis firm Diaverum revealed the top 10 countries in Europe and internationally where patients use the group's holiday dialysis treatment.

Dutch nursing home consolidation infographic

The Dutch nursing care market is highly consolidated, primarily by the top for-profit French operators - namely Korian and Orpea - who have been acquiring multiple smaller Dutch operators since 2018. Five years on, the two leading French giants control over 60% of the beds in the market under various different brand names. The big two have acquired the lower tier competitors so there aren't that many targets left to acquire. This infographic is kindly supplied by Dutch healthcare consultancy Vardetun.

The waning impact of Covid vaccines on all-cause mortality

With the WHO declaring that Covid no longer presents a global health emergency, in this week's infographic we look at UK data showing how death rates by Covid vaccination status changed throughout the pandemic, using data from The Office for National Statistics.

Bismarckian systems tend to pay nurses better than NHS systems

In this week's infographic we look at data on average nursing salaries across several European countries, categorised by whether they have Bismarckian/statutory insurance systems or NHS systems.

Despite oversupply, SHI in Germany outpaces PMI

It's not surprising in a country with an oversupply of healthcare that private medical insurance (PMI) expenditure is low. What may be surprising is despite this oversupply, statutory insurance expenditure is still growing at a faster rate than PMI.

Stocks of major listed health care groups largely held up in Q1

How are the stocks of major listed health care providers doing so far in 2023? With all the difficulties health care operators are currently facing, you might expect that health care stocks of major listed groups would be taking a battering. But most retained or increased their value in Q1 2023.

The state of digital health policy in CEE

CEE law firm Kinstellar has released its latest update on the state of digital health in Central and Eastern Europe. The April 2023 version of 'Current e-Health trends in CEE and Turkey' focuses primarily on the state of policy and regulation on digital health across nine countries in the region.

Infographic: Life Expectancy in top 5 European Markets

This week, HBI looks at the life expectancy of total populations in the big five Western European markets - the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain - using public data from OECD. This report doesn’t include Scandinavian countries which notoriously boast the longest life expectancies on the continent.

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