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Private sector COVID-19 testing is limited

European laboratories were hoping to be a key part of the solution to stop the ongoing spread of COVID-19 but as it stands the bulk of testing remains with the state. As many declare that they are equipped to handle large volumes, HBI looks at where the private sector has been able to deploy its testing capabilities across Europe. 

Each COVID-19 patient could mean one healthcare worker in isolation

In the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, a third of all patients treated at one Wuhan hospital were healthcare workers that had treated positive patients. This week's infographic brings together stats from the worst affected areas to look at how must of the workforce might be lost to sickness.

Infographic: Most of Italy’s for-profit sector is in the North

This week healthcare organisations across Italy have told HBI that they are too busy to answer questions about the effect of COVID-19 on their work. No surprise there - the virus-stricken north is the stronghold for most for-profit operators. HBI maps their geographic presence and analyses against the spread of the virus.

Nordic listed care companies: A comparison

The for-profit Nordic care sector has faced intensified scrutiny after scandals erupted at Finnish Esperi and Attendo last year. A look at the share prices of listed companies Ambea, Attendo and Humana gives some indication of the effect of this, where newly elected governments in the last few years have created environments more or less favourable to the private sector.

Where have digital solutions plugged in to the patient pathway?

This week HBI looks at where some of Europe's digital healthcare start-ups have plugged into the patient pathway all the way from prevention to long-term care. The graphic suggests where the market is already competitive and where there might be gaps with little activity.

Graphic: Specialist UK cataract players cut out the competition

Data from NHS England on outsourced cataract operations shows how the old guard of BMI, Spire and Nuffield Health have lost market share to new, specialised players.

UK’s private hospitals ranked by patient feedback

Did you know that there is now an official data source for patient satisfaction, AVLOS and hospital-acquired infections for most of the UK's private hospital sector? We rank 100 of them.

Chinese healthcare markets react to coronavirus

As China's coronavirus epidemic grows into a pandemic, some Chinese healthcare stocks seem to have benefitted - to a point.

The different types of occupational healthcare providers

HBI this week takes a look at where we have found the most common types of occupational healthcare models across Europe, as we finalise our report on the sub-sector for the HBI Intelligence centre. 

Comparing CEO pay amongst EMEA healthcare groups

For this week's infographic, we look at remuneration levels for CEOs and managing directors at some the largest private healthcare service operators in EMEA. 

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