HBI Infographic of the week

Examining closure trends in for-profit care homes in England

In this week’s infographic we look at the reported numbers of care home closures (voluntary and involuntary) in the UK from 2011 to 2023, as compiled by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and reported by The Lancet, a medical journal.

Clariane vs. emeis: which is weathering the storm better?

Shares of France's two listed pan-European nursing home giants, Emeis (formerly Orpea) and Clariane (formerly Korian) have both fallen precipitously since the start of 2022. Two years down the line, which group's finances are in better shape?

A look at EMEA’s top imaging services groups by revenue

This week's infographic showcases EMEA’s top 5 Imaging service groups by revenue in FY2022, compared from 2019–2022: Groupe Vidi, Affidea, Alliance Medical, InHealth Group and Evidia.

Top 5 European ophthalmology players

This infographic showcases Europe's top 5 ophthalmology players by revenue in the reporting period 2018–2022: Veonet Group, Sanoptis, Artemis Augenkliniken, Clinica Baviera, and Optegra.

How have Europe’s top 5 labs groups’ revenues evolved since 2019?

Labs groups saw huge revenue increases in 2020 and 2021, as they made the most of the Covid testing windfall. But in 2022 Covid testing began winding down and the revenue of major labs groups began returning to their pre-Covid trajectories.

Who are the UK’s top 5 dentistry groups?

Who are the biggest dentistry groups in the UK? In this infographic we look at the UK's top 5 for-profit dentistry groups, using 2022 and 2023 revenue figures.

Recent part divestments with long holding periods

Last week we looked at recent PE exits for which the holding period was unusually long. This week we look at assets that have recently been partly divested, and assets that are speculated to be for sale, which have been held for an unusually long period.

Recent PE exits with long holding periods

We've analysed a selection of health care PE exits from the past few years, looking at cases where the company was held for longer than the typical five-year holding period.

How does revenue per bed compare across Europe’s largest care home groups?

How does revenue per bed compare across different nursing home providers? In this infographic we compare average revenue per bed for Europe's top for-profit nursing home groups. 

Record growth in UK insured activity in 2023

The UK private health insurance market grew significantly in 2023. Clearing services company Healthcode sent 10.2m invoices to insurers in 2023. This was a 20% rise across the sector compared to 2022 and brought in £4bn income. The company also provides a sub sector breakdown, indicating which UK sectors are hot and which are not!

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