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Covid put mental health in the spotlight – for a while

In this week’s infographic we look at survey data collected by digital health company Headspace for its 2022 Workforce Attitudes report. According to the data, a majority (71%) of UK employees think their company increased its focus on employee mental health in response to Covid, but only a quarter think their company has retained this focus over the past year.

Mental health appears to be an important issue for UK employees, with 89% saying they experience moderate to extreme stress at work at least once per week, and 31% reporting a poor work-life balance.

And a third of UK employees believe their employer isn’t doing enough to support their mental health.

Interestingly, the survey also found that a much higher percentage of CEOs make regular use of their company’s mental health benefits than employees.

Whilst Headspace started out as a guided meditation app, in the past few years it has broadened its focus into the wider digital mental health space. It recently launched its occupational mental health service (previously only available to US-headquartered companies) in the UK, which we will publish an interview with them on next week.

You can access Headspace’s full 2022 Workforce Attitudes report here.

You can also click here to access two Linkedin courses which Headspace is offering in partnership with Linkedin to help those experiencing poor mental health and work or economic worries.

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