HBI 2023

Join us at HBI 2023 this Monday

Join us at HBI 2023 this Monday for an incredible opportunity to connect with 600 delegates from 41 countries. Discover why our event has grown from 80 to 600 attendees over the past decade. With a diverse range of operators, investors, advisers, and suppliers, HBI 2023 offers constructive discussions, networking, and high-level content that will leave a lasting impact. If you’re part of the healthcare industry, interested in business models, or seeking investment opportunities, don’t miss out. Book your ticket now and experience firsthand why delegates love this event. See you on Monday!

How do I best grow my health care business in 2023?

Discover the key strategies for growing your health care business in 2023. Join HBI 2023, where industry operators and investors come together to focus on organic growth and cost-cutting techniques. Learn from seasoned executives, explore subscription models and AI integration, and enhance your partnering skills.

Reasons to attend HBI 2023 – You will meet the right people

Discover HBI 2023, the ultimate gathering of CEOs, CXOs, and investors in healthcare services! Join us in London from June 19-21 for an invaluable event that connects industry leaders and showcases engaging presentations and panel discussions. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet top executives, providers, insurers, and digital health services, gaining a comprehensive view of the healthcare ecosystem. Secure your ticket today or learn more tomorrow about why you shouldn’t miss out!

Reasons to attend HBI 2023 – It’s where YOUR industry meets

Join HBI 2023, the global healthcare services event where industry professionals converge. Explore the unique and specialized world of healthcare services, tailored exclusively for you and your business. Discover why experts like Gildas Bonduelle and Hedley Goldberg praise this one-of-a-kind gathering. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect and learn at HBI 2023 in London from June 19-21.

Reasons to attend HBI 2023 – Get a global view of health care

Expand your horizons and accelerate your growth in the healthcare sector with HBI 2023, June 19-21 in London. Engage with global healthcare operators, discuss best practices, and stay updated on the latest developments in the industry. Gain valuable insights from experts like Hilde Britt Mellbye and Helmut Schuehsler, who emphasize the significance of international collaboration. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. Book your ticket today or discover more reasons why you should attend tomorrow.

Banish fear, uncertainty and doubt

Discover how HBI 2023 conference can empower healthcare operators and investors to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the industry. Gain insights, network with peers, explore cost-cutting solutions, spot emerging opportunities, and navigate M&A landscapes. Join us to dispel FUD and unlock the future of healthcare services.

Reasons to attend HBI 2023 – Learn new things

Discover the world of healthcare services at HBI 2023 in London. Join CXOs and CEOs as they share and learn in 80 discussions, presentations, and seminars. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge. Book your ticket now and embark on a journey of learning.

Wellness, apps and health care

Join the debate on wellness as a consumer product at HBI 2023. Explore trends in healthcare apps, outpatient services, and value-based care. Don’t miss the Shape of Things to Come session with industry leaders. Book your ticket now!