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Adoption and drivers of Digital Health Platforms by insurers


This week our infographic shows some of the key findings from the Digital Health Engagement Institute’s (DHEI) survey around the adoption and drivers of Digital Health Engagement Platforms (DHE Platforms) in the life and health insurance industry. Over 1,200 insurance executives and professionals across the globe participated in the survey.

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Around 49% of insurers offer DHE platforms to both individual and group customers and a further 18% percent are planning to within the next year. Surprisingly, over 33% had nothing planned, despite the apparent clear advantages of doing so.

The most popular driver of adoption was to increase customer engagement, with 43% of respondents citing this as a major reason. This was followed by customer retention, at 35% and maintaining and improving the health of participants was only the third most popular reason, at 31%.

There were no standard data inputs across those that offered a DHE platform. The largest percentages came from self-reported, transmitted data from wearable devices, and transmitted data from Electronic Health Records (EHR). Then transmitted data from DNA vendors or physiological data automatically transferred from a diagnostic company. These each accounted for 9%.

Just over a third of respondents believed that GDPR or HIPAA would increase the adoption of DHE. Similar proportions believed it either would not have any effect or they did not know. Just under a third felt it would to some extent limit adoption. 

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