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Europe’s 10 fastest-growing teleradiology companies

As part of our research for the HBI Intelligence report, we have identified the fastest-growing teleradiology service providers based in Europe. But how long can they keep up this high double-digit sales growth?

The infographic below shows the fastest-growing teleradiology groups we have identified in the UK, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Germany and France with sales over €1m in 2018 (going any lower renders growth comparisons pointless).

Two possible glaring omissions are Spain-based Direct Diagnostic Alliance and Unilabs-owned Telemedicine Clinic, whose figures are not available, but may not be as high-growth as they are established players, having pioneered the Spain-Nordic stream of cross-border reporting.

Maximise the infographic using the icon in the top-right. This free infographic serves as a guide only, with full financial figures of the companies available to HBI Intelligence users.

We expect there are other operators missing from this, possibly from Italy, Russia and Portugal, where we have identified several mid-sized players but have yet to obtain reliable figures.

Our Analysis: The figures are certainly impressive but the question is how long they can go on growing at that pace. Questions are being asked in Europe’s developed markets about the role of teleradiology providers in exacerbating the radiologist shortage which they claim to be a solution for. One curb on growth, or at least profitability, could come in the form of making them contribute more in the non-clinical activity costs of radiologists, which in some cases falls disproportionately on public health systems. The other is tariff cuts. As these groups become a larger and more embedded fixture in radiology departments, expect them to take on a larger share of the cost-cutting burden – probably negligible for now.

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