How the biggest European private hospital groups’ market position changed from 2012-2018

This week’s infographic shows how the revenues and market position of Europe’s biggest hospital groups has changed since 2012.

It’s striking how much the largest companies in the private hospital sector have grown revenues in just seven years. In 2012, Fresenius Helios was just clinging on to its position at the largest player in the market, but its acquisition of the majority of competitor Rhoen’s hospitals in 2013 and its acquisition of Quironsalud in 2016 has propelled its growth so high that it’s now nearly three times larger than its closest competitor.

Use the play button at the bottom left of the embedded chart to track revenues over the past seven years using revenue data from the HBI Intelligence Centre. The platform also contains revenues of 3,300 healthcare companies across around 20 different sub-sectors from countries around the world.

The hospital groups in this graphic have relied on a mix of organic and inorganic (acquisitions) expansion but none have done the huge one-off deals that Helios has. Even Ramsay’s recent acquisition of Capio will only see it at half the size of Helios.

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