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Where a global downturn will hit local private healthcare markets hardest

In which countries will healthcare be worst hit by a COVID-19 recession? We overlay World Bank data on which countries have both high out-of-pocket proportions for healthcare spend and are heavily remittance-reliant. There are some surprises from Europe.

Out-of-pocket expenditure by households is one-third of total health expenditure, public and private, in 100 countries. We pitted those on a graph against their figures for remittances as-a-percentage-of-GDP to see which markets may be worst hit by lower earnings of their diaspora.

Central Asia, Nepal and Haiti all look highly exposed as they score highly on both measures, while closer to Europe, operators in Moldovia, Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia may suffer. Many other CEE markets will see big falls in private health spending in 2020 according to HBI contacts (read our story here).

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