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Who delivers radiotherapy in the private sector?

As we put the finishing touches to the oncology report for our HBI Intelligence platform, this week we take a look at where radiotherapy therapy is delivered in the private sector in different markets.

There are three main pathways of delivery.

1) the hospital market, where for-profit hospitals deliver outpatient oncology under their own capabilities.

2) outpatient networks that are owned independently (mostly these offer pureplay radiotherapy but some integrate diagnostics and other types of therapies)

3) private operations within public hospitals.

The Venn diagram below maps out which is the main market for radiotherapy in different countries. In the UAE and India, there is a limited independent outpatient network and the bulk of for-profit oncology is treated in specialist or multi-speciality hospitals. The same is true of the UK and Spain, although there is an extensive outpatient network that takes public overflow and private patients.

Outpatient networks are strongest in Germany, France and Romania, although the market is more established in the former two. And in Italy, private providers are only allowed to operate in public hospitals or private hospitals and cannot take private-pay patients.

More details, including market size on the three different markets for eight countries, can be found in the HBI Intelligence platform.

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