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Two new rival hospitals open in central London

This week UK healthcare charity Nuffield Trust opened a hospital in its first central London site, located within the grounds of Barts Health NHS Trust’s St Bartholomew’s Hospital site, while Cleveland Clinic last week opened a large facility in Grosvenor Place, also in central London.

Diaverum launches holiday booking platform

Global renal care provider Diaverum is launching a digital platform for holiday dialysis booking. HBI speaks with Bruno Pamplona Polizio, director of global communications at Diaverum, to learn more.

Dutch government looks to pull funding from nursing homes

Dutch elderly care is seeing a very definite government-backed shift away from nursing homes and towards care at home, with increasing reluctance for the public purse to pay for the 'hotel' component of care. HBI speaks to advisor Rune Aresvik from Vardetun, who has just completed a detailed review of the sector, to find out if this is a problem or an opportunity

Elsan’s digital approach to primary care  

Paris-based hospital group Elsan says it will open two “highly digitised” primary care facilities by the end of the year in cooperation with Livi, the developer of the e-health platform owned by the Swedish startup Kry. HBI speaks with Thierry Chiche, CEO at Elsan and Jonathan Ardouin, Managing Director at Livi France, to learn more. 

Fresenius Helios launches revolutionary primary care offer

Fresenius Helios plans to become the first and only global health care service player by rolling out its Curalie telehealth plus a prefab diagnostic unit (the Cube) starting in Vietnam in October. Deals are being struck with governments in Ghana and Kenya for the group to offer primary care for €10 per cap. to millions. We talk to Fresenius Helios CEO Franceso de Meo.

Interview: Simon Turton, Gensmile

At the height of Covid, NHS-focussed dental practices calmly told HBI that their revenues were covered by government payments, and their dental activity targets had been slashed or temporarily abandoned. It was a good time to have a strong NHS patient bias. HBI speaks to Simon Turton, CEO and co-founder of UK dental chain Gensmile and panellist at HBI 2022, to hear how the tide may be turning in favour of private funding.

Interview: Dirk Knüppel, Meine Radiologie

Imaging and radiology is hot at the moment - especially in Germany. The next five years are going to see a huge amount of consolidation according to Dirk Knüppel, CEO at EQT-backed Meine Radiologie & Blikk Holding (MRBH) and HBI 2022 panellist. HBI caught up with him to find out more about his group's plans to expand across Europe.

Turkish groups look for lira depreciation workarounds

The Turkish Lira has been consistently depreciating, losing three-quarters of its US dollar value in the last five years. HBI speaks with an operator source, as well as consultants and operators from Turkey, to find out their strategy to hedge against a worsening exchange rate.

Interview: Tim Clover, Rayner

HBI catches up with Tim Clover, CEO of UK-based ophthalmic medical products specialist Rayner, ahead of his appearance as a panellist at HBI 2022. He is excited about the Covid bounceback and hot new tech, but warns new regulations will impact heavily on everyone's costs.

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