Domidep expands in Germany

Domidep, one of the top 10 for-profit care home operators in France by revenue, has expanded in the German market which it entered last year. It has acquired Römergarten Senioren-Residenzen GmbH (Römergarten) which comprises eight care homes providing a total of 660 beds.

Dutch lab consolidation to resume after COVID blip

The consolidation of The Netherlands' non-profit outpatient diagnostics sector by for-profit groups is expected to pick up in the coming months after a delay due to Covid, a partner at Deloitte tells HBI.

Nordic launches a process for €2bn+ Veonet

Strong rumours reported by HBI back in July that Nordic Capital-backed ophthalmology group Veonet (including Germany's largest operator by revenue Ober Scharrer) would come to market before the autumn have been proven correct. HBI understands the group has launched a process, and a price tag of in excess of €2bn is expected.

Air Liquide consolidates Polish med homecare

Global gas giant Air Liquide will buy Betamed, a Polish medicalised homecare provider, after the competition regulator approved the deal. It will now have over €50m of oxygen services in the country.

HCG sells Strand minority stake to Reliance

Indian oncology hospital group HealhCare Global Enterprises (HCG) has sold its minority stake in life sciences company Strand after buying in full its oncology lab and clinical trials business.

Movement in mental health market

Nursing home group Korian has continued its consolidation of mental health by acquiring an Italian group with €22.5m revenues. Meanwhile, a joint venture in the Netherlands between providers Parnassia and Altrecht is expanding.

Waterland sells ATOS to ICG

Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) has bought ATOS Klinken, a group of orthopaedic clinics in Germany spun out from rehab group Median, from Waterland. 

EU dermatology M&A slows

Investors in the US are pouring money into dermatology, while EU markets remain far quieter. To find out where and why deals are – and aren’t - happening, we round up the latest news from the sector in Europe, including the UK dermatology consultant-led business Dermatology Partnership, Sweden’s leading dermatology provider Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud, and Dermatologikum Hamburg in Germany.

PE buys complex childcare in Ireland

Private equity firm Cardinal Capital Group has bought Ashdale Care, which provides specialist therapeutic care for children with complex behavioural needs in Ireland.

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