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Wafer-thin health care service profits at Bupa

Why did Bupa, the international health insurer which is also one of the largest health care service players outside of the USA, announce its 2018 results so quietly that HBI isn't aware of any UK daily reporting them this year? The figures show that Bupa's £3.37bn of revenue from nursing homes, hospitals, dentistry and primary care across a dozen countries, barely made money. Could this be down to its interesting governance structure?

Indian dental group introduces “it’s not-a-franchise” franchise model

When is a dental franchise not a franchise? According to Vikram Vora, the founder and CEO of affordable dental care specialist Sabka Dentist, when it has more to offer. HBI caught up with him at HBI 2019 to find out more about the franchise with benefits which he says could add up to 2,000 new practices within three years.

Is this new model the easyJet of UK dentistry?

UK dentists face tough times, not least mydentist, the UK's largest provider of NHS dentistry. In common with other groups, it has struggled to hit NHS targets and faced clawbacks -  £57m (€64m) in 2017. Tom Riall, CEO, thinks he may have found the answer, which he calls "affordable private dentistry". Riall spoke at HBI 2019, and we caught up with him during the event for an exclusive interview to find out more.

Spanish dental group up for sale

Despite having only formed last year, Vivanta, Spain’s third largest dental group by revenue in a very fragmented market, is for sale. We ask why it is for sale so soon, what price it might reach, and who might be in the running to buy it, US bank Moelis & Co has been appointed to […]

Uber decision could drive UK dental operators out of business

Dental operators in the UK employing their dentists as freelancers are nervously keeping a watching brief on a potential review by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) of the way they employ “staff” in the light of the decision which saw Uber drivers re-classified as employees.

Why investors are viewing the UK market with caution

Is the UK is losing out to Europe when it comes to healthcare deals? With so much for sale and so little buying activity recently, Healthcare Europa catches up with a UK market analyst to find out more.

Interview: Philip Buergin, CEO, Colosseum Dental UK

Healthcare Europa talks to Philip Buergin, the new CEO of Jacobs Holding-backed Colosseum Dental UK, about problems and opportunities in the UK dental market, the wider European perspective, and Colosseum's plans for the future.

Has Mydentist bitten off more than it can chew?

Dentists in the UK are facing tough times – including the largest provider of NHS dentistry in the country, Mydentist. But as revenue falls and it begins to shed practices, has it bitten off more than it can chew? Healthcare Europa looks at its recent results, asks where things have gone wrong – and speaks to the company to ask what is being done to put things back on track.

Odontoprev shares drop on H1 results

Brazilian dental plan specialist Odontoprev saw its share drop 7% on H1 results, yet it still paid out in dental services just 45.5% of its second quarter revenue!

Spanish dental group looks to Portugal for expansion

Despite forming only last year, Vivanta is a top three player in a fragmented Spanish dental market. Healthcare Europa caught up with CEO Juan Olave to find out more about the group’s progress to date, and its plans for the future.

Spanish dental chain bites the dust

Spanish dental chain iDental looks to have closed all its clinics, as it faces widespread complaints about the way it has conducted its business.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Building a trusted brand in B2C health care services

Dentists are distrusted by Indians who often fear drill and fill. From scratch, in six years, Clove has built India's largest chain with 218 clinics. Clove has done this by building a patient-centric culture (unusually it is the dentist, not the receptionist, who greets the patient), by changing how dentists are rewarded and by attracting the best practitioners. Footfall has grown by 300% in the last two years with repeat footfall up over 40%. The judges liked the way Clove has been systematically built around delivering patient promise.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Quality control methodology for dentistry in India

India's challenges in dental care include a lack of infrastructure, poor quality treatment and little or no follow-up care. To tackle these three areas, Clove, the largest dentistry network, has created a quality management methodology. To help improve treatment quality, Clove applies an anonymous peer review process for around 40% of the treatments in its clinics, this equates to 5,000 a month on average. For post-treatment care, its system divides the life cycle of each patient into stages which are tracked and monitored. Some outcomes from these processes include a 92% success rate in root canals, compared to an 84% world average and a dental filling success rate at 97%.

Payor-operator agreement heralds quiet revolution in Czech Republic

A quiet healthcare revolution is taking place in the Czech Republic. For the first time in almost two decades, providers and payors have reached an agreement on fees without the need for intervention by the Ministry of Health. Healthcare Europa speaks to an operator who says this is great news for private providers and a large step towards the creation of a more open market.

Mehilainen sold to CVC

Mehilainen, the big Finnish occupational outpatient group has been sold in a deal valued at around €1.8bn to CVC by Triton and KKR. We talk to Mehilainen CEO Janne-Olli Järvenpää about the deal and growth plans. Will he look outside Finland?

China’s Legend Holdings to expand healthcare investment despite heavy losses

Chinese private equity fund Legend Holdings will continue to expand their healthcare investment despite heavy losses in dental chain giant Bybo, in which they have a stake, the company said in their 2017 financial report. “Legend Holdings plans to expand its investment in healthcare, especially in the area of new drugs development, DNA testing and […]

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