Why it pays to do the basics when building a patient pathway

A German outpatient operator tells HBI how providers are attracting and keeping patients within their businesses throughout the patient pathway, with as many as 50% of complex ophthalmology referrals coming from internal sources. HBI hears it pays to do basic (less profitable) work and even consider retail early in the patient journey so when they really do need help, they already have a provider of choice.

Donte Group expansion could be prelude to sale

Spain’s largest dentistry provider Donte Group plans to have 420 clinics by the end of the year, possibly indicating its owners are looking to offload the group soon.

HBI 2023: Dentistry – what is the elixir of growth?

What is the best way to grow a dental business – is there an elixir of growth? Do you buy? Do you build? Or should you shuffle the pack and grow organically? HBI's dental partner Straumann, the world's largest implant and esthetic dentistry specialist, invited the leaders of three hugely successful businesses onto the stage at HBI 2023 to share their thoughts and expertise.

75 years on: is the future of the NHS private?

The UK NHS was once globally revered, but cracks are showing as it marks seventy-five years and a question mark hangs over its future. HBI asks half a dozen experts what role for-profits have in its future - and whether it will it last another 75 years.

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