Spanish dentistry re-opens but 20% contraction expected

Spain's dental clinics are re-opening with infection control protocols after being largely closed for months, but the market is expected to shrink by 20% in 2020. On top of the dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest players have been busy re-shuffling their boards and striking agreements with creditors. 

COVID-19 and Emerging Market healthcare

We talk to two of the world's largest investors in emerging market health care about Covid's likely impact. Despite so far much lower death rates, the initial effect on health care operators has been worse than in Europe. Covid is set to destroy several motors for growth such as healthcare tourism and the deployment of […]

Covid: The double whammy – who will be left standing?

In a recent paper on the medtech outlook for Europe, UBS, looked at how Singapore and Toronto bounced back from pandemics. Pent up demand simply led to double growth rates the year after. But Covid is two things: a pandemic coupled to a steep recession, almost certainly worse than 2008. We look at what this means for a sector where private equity has often geared up to the hilt.

Booking data shows outpatient has all but stopped

Patient footfall for outpatient care across the world has all but stopped. Exclusive data from DocPlanner shows which specialities have seen the biggest drop in appointments booked and where telemedicine is really picking up some of the slack. We assess this against outpatient volumes in Singapore during SARS to see when it might pick up.

European dental markets “could take years to recover from COVID”

As HBI Intelligence reviews the impact of COVID-19, HBI has been talking to operators and analysts. One EU-based operator says many markets across Europe will struggle to recover once the COVID-19 crisis has passed. Here is his view of where will be worst hit - and where we may see a surprising rebound.

‘Years of negative growth post COVID’ predicted by UK dental operator

HBI has revised its HBI Intelligence forecast for growth in the UK dental market in 2020 down to -2.5%. It had been growing at 3.5% - but that was before the COVID-19 outbreak. One UK-based operator forsees revenues plunging, multiples dropping, patients avoiding appointments and some owner-practitioners simply calling it a day and selling up.

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