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Spire apologises for NHS patient death

Spire, the UK’s largest for-profit hospital group by revenue, has apologised for the death of an NHS-funded patient that the company failed to transfer quickly enough to an NHS facility for intensive care.

Log My Care secures £3 million funding from Mercia Ventures

Log My Care, a digital platform care management platform, has secured £3 million in funding from Mercia Ventures. This new investment boosts the company's total funding to over £7 million, and is not Mercia Ventures’ first investment in the business.

Luz Saude IPO to finally go ahead

Luz Saude, Portugal’s second largest private hospital group by revenue, will become a listed company once again, six years after it was taken private by its insurer-owner, Fidelidade. The company has confirmed an IPO on Portugal’s Euronext Lisbon exchange will go ahead, almost a year after reports of plans to relist initially began circulating.

Clariane exploring French homecare business disposal options

Pan-European listed French nursing home group Clariane is exploring disposal options for its Hospitalisation à Domicile and Services de Soins Infirmiers à Domicile (HAD/SSIAD) business in France with the members of the Comité Social et Economique Central d'Entreprise (CSEC).

What can be learnt from Korea’s doctor strike?

Junior doctors in South Korea are striking in protest of the government’s decision to increase the country’s cap on medical school places by 65%, claiming it would negatively impact the quality of medical education and not fix the country’s health care shortages. With workforce being a major issue in health systems across the world — and one that is set to become increasingly pressing as populations age — this could be a portent of what is to come elsewhere.

Nordic Capital decides to hold onto Alloheim

PE firm Nordic Capital has decided not to sell German nursing home group Alloheim, and instead to refinance it. Nordic Capital says it wants to hold onto the group “for the foreseeable future”.

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