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Outsourcing boosts Sonic’s growth

Australian lab group Sonic Healthcare has seen outsourcing boost its organic growth in both the UK and Swiss markets, adding that it has acquisitions lined up in the €1bn German anatomical pathology market. Commentators say the company is the true consolidator of the German market. The group saw its strongest European growth in the UK […]

UnitedHealth Group “is coming to Europe”

A source close to US giant UnitedHealth Group, the largest private healthcare company in the world with 2018 revenues of $228bn, tells us to expect substantial expansion in Europe within the next 3-5 years.

Regina Maria buys in Northern Romania

Romanian healthcare group Regina Maria, the second-largest for-profit health care group in the country by revenue, has acquired a clinic in the North as part of an active growth strategy before a likely sale next month, September 2019, by Mid Europa. We speak to a local consultant about the move.

GesundHeits sale falls through

HBI exclusively hears that German medicalised homecare specialist GesundHeits GmbH (GHD) has pulled the plug on its sales process, despite entering a second round of talks and claiming it received interest from over 25 prospective buyers. We speak to a market expert about what happened.

Ambea’s Norwegian turnaround requires “a lot more work”

Pan-Nordic care provider Ambea has released Q2 2019 results showing its Norwegian business requires "a lot more work" before achieving a successful turnaround and margin improvement. Group-wide sales nearly doubled thanks to its recent large acquisition although grow only 1% organically. The results were well-received by the market. Its share price rose 8% to a high of SEK 74 (€6.80) over the morning of the results day, Tuesday August 20th.

Irish homecare company grows workforce exponentially

Belfast-based domiciliary care provider Connected Health has expanded into the Republic and claims to be growing its workforce exponentially. We speak to a director at the company and take a look at the Irish market.

Interview: Tony Romero, CEO, Cygnet Healthcare

The UK psychiatry and disabled care markets are facing many challenges - the uncertainty of Brexit, an unstable pound, and scandals at The Priory have all taken their toll. We interview CEO of Cygnet Healthcare, Tony Romero, on the biggest issues facing the market and what future he sees for a sector where two of the biggest players could both soon be on the block.

Interview: Peter Graf, CEO, Tiohundra

Uniquely, we think in Europe, Tiohundra, an organisation serving a municipality of 62,000, has fully merged social care and health care delivery. Social care (elderly care, disabled care, homecare, psychiatry) and health care (hospitals and primary care) – have been melded in to a single organisation. So what are the learnings? And are we going […]

Share prices plummet at prospect of health insurance ‘ban’ in South Africa

Shares in South Africa's biggest health insurer have plunged 20% since the publication of a new NHI bill which proposes 'banning' health insurance for the vast majority of healthcare funding. Private hospital share values have also taken a nose-dive. HBI speaks to Discovery's CEO and assesses who else might be hit by the changes.

Polish imaging group could sell next year

One of Poland’s largest private imaging groups could be sold by its private equity owners Tar Heel Capital next year. We talk to Tar Heel Capital managing partner Andrzej Różycki.

Terveystalo conjures CEO out of Finnair

Terveystalo has appointed a man who spent 18 years at a Finnish airline as its new CEO. In the same week, Pihlajalinna is dropping 180 of its management staff to cut costs.

KRY’s Livi becomes biggest NHS supplier of telehealth

KRY's UK subsidiary Livi now has the biggest patient catchment by volume for telehealth consultations in the UK after signing three new deals with the NHS. HBI speaks to its UK country manager, Luke Buhl-Nielsen, about the expansion and its impact so far.

Is China a threat to Europe’s imaging suppliers?

Does Europe's imaging equipment supply oligopoly - Siemens Healthineers, Philips and GE Healthcare - face a threat from cheaper Chinese alternatives? Two service operators give HBI different viewpoints.

French radiologists “desperate to sell” as Germany consolidates

There is massive pent-up demand amongst France's outpatient radiologists to sell their practices, an investor claims, and while plenty of investors are eyeing up the sector, no one is yet willing to make the first move and face the backlash from the medical profession. Across the Rhine, consolidation is already happening.

Belgian nursing home bed ratios could halve by 2025

Bed numbers in Belgium are highly regulated and we hear from a mid-market operator that ratios could almost halve by 2025. Is there a solution, and where does this leave the for-profit sector?

Pushing water up a hill – the trials and tribulations of the German hospital market

What does the future look like for the German hospital sector - for-profit, public or not-for-profit?  Two things are sure. In the land of over-bedded, many are effectively zombies, kept alive by hand-outs from local politicians. That category would include all small local general hospitals, many general regional hospitals and sub-scale specialist hospitals. "In an […]

Medicalised homecare across Europe: who uses it the most?

We take a look at medicalised homecare user rates across Europe, which reflect the take-up of specialised medical treatment in the home by the whole population and give us interesting insights into how numerous markets operate: France, Iceland and Benelux use it far more than anyone else.

Turkey looks to cut imaging over-use

Independent sources tell HBI the Turkish government cut tariffs for imaging by, on average, 5% last year as part of a move to crack down on unnecessary scans.

Private sector preps for second stage of Ukrainian reform

The Ukrainian government has started to unveil how the country's hospital sector will operate when it's added into ongoing healthcare reforms at the beginning of next year. HBI explores opportunities for the private sector.

medneo opening London centre in Q4 2019

Pay-per-use imaging provider medneo will enter London's healthcare market in Q4 this year with a centre in Harley Street. We catch up with co-founder Nicolas Weber.

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