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Twenty things we learned at HBI 2022

HBI 2022, the year's largest CxO-level for-profit healthcare services conference, took place in central London this week. The conference stages and the floor were awash with interesting ideas, staggering statistics, suggestions for building a better business and the buzz of new friendships being formed. As always, there were new things to learn. Here are twenty of our top take aways from this year's event.

Lack of debt may hit M&A in second half

M&A deals in health care services such as the bid for British health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain Boots are coming under threat as market uncertainty, interest rates and inflation soar. Massive deals may fail if debt dries up. This could lead to a further slow-down in M&A activity in the second half of 2022, following a record year 2021.

Major french hospital group moves into Canada

One of the largest French hospital groups has bought two facilities in Quebec where it says it will be able to build and open more for-profit hospitals something that is now impossible in France.

Digital massively reduces costs

Digital health and AI are finally demonstrably making huge savings in healthcare delivery costs in many ways, said several speakers at HBI 2022, citing examples of 50% savings in primary care and counselling.

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