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EU Artificial Intelligence Act comes into law

The European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act), was published last Friday in the Official Journal of the European Union, the final step in bringing the Act into law.

HBI News Round Up, 19 July 2024

In this HBI News Round Up we look at Indian healthcare financing startup Icanheal’s latest fundraising, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust’s acquisition of a hospital currently run by UK private hospital operator Spire, the suspension of a surgeon by Spire for patient harm, French nursing home giant emeis’ sale of €24 million of real estate agreement in Portugal, funding house Unicorn India’s partial exit from medtech startup Sascan, London-based healthcare startup Huma’s fundraising to expand its AI-driven healthcare platform, and the construction of a new private hospital in Budapest, Hungary.

What innovations are health tech investors most excited about in 2024?

Healthcare is a sector in which it can be hard to innovate. Regulations are tight and risk aversion is rife. This is understandable — justifiable, even — given lives are at stake. But it means the sector doesn’t see much creative destruction in the models it uses for delivering care. 

South Korea accepts resignations of over 10,000 junior doctors, fuelling concerns over low doctor-patient ratio

South Korea has lately made headlines due to ~10,000 trainee doctors going on strike. They are protesting against a government proposal to increase admissions to medical schools.  Following the July 15 deadline for junior doctors to return to work, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has started to accept resignations, as the doctors on strike have not responded, as reported by The Korean Herald. 

Sanofi to Invest $437.24 million to expand and strengthen presence in India

Sanofi, the French drugmaker, plans to invest $437.24 million in its Global Capacity Centre (GCC) in Hyderabad, India, by the end of the decade, Reuters reported. China's low costs and speed previously made it a preferred pharma hub, but political factors are now shifting benefits to India.

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