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Barchester to buy Four Seasons’ “jewel in the crown”

UK nursing home operator Barchester is reportedly in advanced talks to acquire 24 brighterkind homes, which were Four Seasons "jewel in the crown" before being carved off by owner Terra Firma. HBI considers the likely price and talks to a well-placed source to find out more.

Exclusive: SpaMedica pulled from sale as UK election and Brexit loom

The largest UK NHS cataract surgery provider, ophthalmic specialist SpaMedica, was pulled from sale recently after just a few weeks on the market and before bids could be submitted, HBI hears. But it could soon be back on the market, and HBI talks to three market experts to find out more about the aborted process, possible prices and suitors.

KKR and Triton sell large chunk of Ambea shares

Previous majority shareholders of Ambea KKR and Triton, through their joint investment vehicle Actor SCA, have sold over 12% of Ambea shares to the market this week in their gradual retreat from company ownership. 

Aleris appoints new CEO

Pan-Nordic healthcare group Aleris has replaced its CEO, pinching the director of what is arguably the Nordic region's most successful example of healthcare outsourcing.

Germany’s new frontier for digital healthcare

Germany's digital health sector has been overhauled as the Bundestag passes a law that will see prescribed health apps and teleconsultations publicly reimbursed, alongside a whole host of other reforms. HBI explains the law, assesses data on doctor attitudes to digital care, and looks at who is already moving in the sector.

Exclusive: We name strategic buyer in talks to acquire BMI Healthcare

Independent sources tell HBI that UK hospital chain BMI Healthcare could soon be sold to another hospital operator by its landlord-turned-majority shareholder, just a year after it took over the business. We reveal the likely buyer, give the reaction of advisors and investors, and adjust BMI's likelihood of an imminent sale on HBI Intelligence Deals Pipeline tool to 95%.

Law could open up opportunities in German respiratory care

A draft law is being discussed in the German Parliament which could change the way businesses provide oxygen therapy outside of hospital, by moving patients away from homecare ventilation and into specialised nursing homes for respiratory treatment. An investor talks to us about this potential opportunity.

Five things we learnt at the Budapest Private Health Forum

This week HBI attended Portfolio's private healthcare forum in Budapest. We got an update on the country's ongoing insurance reform, the latest consolidation efforts and limp towards digitalisation. Here are our key takeaways: 

Mehiläinen makes offer for Pihlajalinna and reveals international expansion

As first speculated by HBI last year, Finnish health and social care provider Mehiläinen has offered to buy competitor Pihlajalinna. We talk to Mehiläinen CEO Janne-Olli Järvenpää and local sources about integrating the two companies, competition concerns, the possibility of a bidding war and international expansion, which Järvenpää gives HBI exclusive details on.

IVIRMA could list after sale of minority stake

Following the news last month that the largest fertility company in the world by revenue, Spanish-based IVIRMA is looking for an "economic partner" through Morgan Stanley, speculation is mounting that the company plans to IPO once its new partner is onboard.

Quironsalud further consolidates in LATAM

Spain's largest for-profit hospital operator Quironsalud, part of German counterpart Fresenius Helios since 2016, has made yet another South American acquisition further consolidating its position in Colombia.

Asklepios bets big on digital

Asklepios, the second-largest German for-profit hospital group, plans to spend €500m on digitisation.

Funding change to force Finnish groups back into preventive care

From next year Finland, one of Europe's largest occupational healthcare markets, will change funding structures to incentivise employers to spend more on preventive care and less on medical care. HBI explains the law and looks at how it will affect the market.

Interview: Anders Lönnberg, Politician, Health Care expert, Sweden

Joyously replete with war stories lost and won, Lönnberg, a combative diabetic and social democratic politician has spent the past thirty years fighting for change in health care. So what has he learnt about how health care works? And what is the solution?

Interview: Pierre-Emmanuel Bercegeay, CEO, Ouihelp

This week we interview the CEO of French domiciliary care start-up Ouihelp, who is sceptical about patient-facing digital innovation in the sector. His comments come at a time when digital solutions are being widely explored as the key to improving everything from patient engagement, service accessibility and preventive healthcare.

Waterland-backed Schönes Leben acquires in Germany

German nursing home operator Schönes Leben, backed by private equity house Waterland, has acquired bolt-on Mediko in the North. We ask a market expert what this means for the market and get estimated multiples.
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