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Orpea’s Refoundation Plan – one year on

One year ago Laurent Guillot, the new CEO of French nursing home operator Orpea, presented ‘ORPEA CHANGE! WITH YOU AND FOR YOU’ to shareholders. After a turbulent time, HBI speaks to two market experts asking - is the recovery plan on track?

Two French imaging groups invested in by PE

Two medium-sized French imaging operators, X-Ray Phocea and Cardinet, have been invested in by private equity firms, in what could be a signal that the long-awaited consolidation of France's imaging sector is about to take off.

UK tightens foreign recruitment visas

This week, the UK’s Home Secretary James Cleverly announced government plans to tighten health and care worker visas. HBI speaks to a global workforce expert to understand what this attempt to prioritise ‘British talent first’ will mean for operators already facing a workforce crisis.

What’s next for Aster DM?

A GCC expert tells HBI the next step for Aster DM’s GCC division is to expand in Saudi Arabia – but not how you might expect!

Fresenius bans bonuses and ditches dividend for energy payout

Healthcare conglomerate Fresenius has suspended dividends and bonuses for the management board as a result of legislation which gives it €300m in energy price relief. The conglomerate has stated it will “examine” legal options as it believes the law is “unconstitutional”. HBI speaks to two expert sources to find out more.

Affidea solidifies presence in Spain and Romania

Pan-European imaging and diagnostic firm Affidea is expanding in Spain and Romania. Its acquisitions of Clinica Atenea in Valencia and Odelga Imagistics clinic in Bucharest bring the number of Affidea’s centers in Europe to 340, cementing its influence in the region.

Aster DM sells majority stake in Gulf business for $1bn

Dubai-based listed hospital and pharmacy chain Aster DM is selling a majority 65% stake in its Gulf business for a shade over $1bn to a consortium led by PE investor Fajr Capital. HBI investigates the thinking behind the deal, what this means for the group's expansion plans, and looks at the future of the GCC market generally with the help of expert commentary. 

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