Top 10 EMEA labs groups made almost €8bn extra revenue in 2021

It's no secret that the diagnostic labs sector benefitted immensely from testing during the Covid pandemic. But now that 2021 revenue figures are available for many of the largest groups, it is clear that the scale of the testing windfall has been larger than anyone in the sector imagined.

HBI 2022: Panel sees a rosy future for ophthalmology

Ophthalmology continues to be a big area of investor interest, with considerable scope for consolidation in both healthcare services and also medical devices. As governments in the UK, Finland and parts of Eastern Europe in particular continue to increase outsourcing, the potential to unlock additional private pay services is increasing, and upselling of more complex lenses is on the rise. An expert panel convened at HBI 2022 to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the post-pandemic landscape.

FREE BLOG Did we get Covid vaccination wrong?

There will be many aspects of the world’s response to Covid-19 that will be debated for years to come. Were governments too rash and draconian in their imposition of lockdowns? Or were they too slow and hesitant, costing thousands of lives? Was it appropriate to more or less completely halt elective care for months on end? Or was this unavoidable to prevent hospitals overflowing? Was it right to ban relatives from saying goodbye to their quarantined loved ones, or to effectively put mental health patients in solitary confinement (as happened in many NHS trusts in the UK)? How effective were mandates to wear masks in public places? 

RNA Covid vaccines could have adverse non-specific effects

A new meta-analysis study examining the results from Covid vaccine trials suggests a worrying possibility: that mRNA Covid vaccines, despite protecting against Covid, could reduce the immune system's overall ability to fight infections. On the other hand, the study’s findings also suggest the adenovirus Covid vaccines could have the opposite effect. To many this will sound far-fetched, or even the stuff of conspiracy theory, but University of Southern Denmark’s Professor Christine Stabell-Benn, who led the research, explains to HBI that epidemiologists have known for decades that vaccines can have such ‘nonspecific’ effects and emphasises that regulatory frameworks are in dire need of being updated to reflect this.

Interview: Tim Clover, Rayner

HBI catches up with Tim Clover, CEO of UK-based ophthalmic medical products specialist Rayner, ahead of his appearance as a panellist at HBI 2022. He is excited about the Covid bounceback and hot new tech, but warns new regulations will impact heavily on everyone's costs.

Health care tourism market recovering fast in Thailand

Thai healthcare tourism is set to recover in 2022, after the dive caused by the restrictions in international traffic caused by the COVID pandemic, say analysts. We look at the results for listed hospital group Bumrungrad, which has built its business on medical tourism and cares for over 1.1m patients a year from 190 countries, and talk to Kasem Prunratanmala, Head of Equity Research at Principal Malaysia Titans Plus Fund.

Eurofins to build lab hubs

After a strong performance in 2021, international lab group Eurofins plans to build diagnostic lab hubs, which will enable it to increase the volume of tested samples. HBI talks with the source close to the company to find out more.

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