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Interview: Katya Zubareva, Partner, L.E.K.

HBI catches up with Katya Zubareva, partner at L.E.K. Consulting, ahead of her appearance on the fertility panel at HBI 2022. In a wide-ranging conversation, she tells us that despite workforce being a consistent challenge to the healthcare services sector, there are some big opportunities.

Atrys: What’s the focus?

No listed health care group in Europe has grown anything like as fast as Atrys Health, which now spans Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and four Latin American countries. But does its M&A strategy have any coherence? We talk to Atrys CFO Josep Maria Huch.

IHH Healthcare shows growth

Malaysia and Singapore based Asia-focussed IHH Healthcare’s 2021 results show dynamic growth. Turkish groups are being impacted by the depreciation of the lira, but while revenue from domestic patients in Turkish subsidiary Acibadem shrank between 2017 and 2020, it grew in 2021, up 16.9% year-on-year.

Lim and others eye up IVIRMA

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim is said to be in talks to buy IVIRMA, the Euro-American fertility player where big private equity is expected to bid high. HBI understands other bidders may include KKR, Carlyle and Cinven.

$3bn Amil for sale in Brazil

UnitedHealthcare owned Amil is for sale in Brazil. Reports in Brazil say the $3bn plus valued insurance and hospital businesses run by Amil are likely to be split and sold to at least two separate buyers. HBI speaks to a Brazilian source to find out more.

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