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Sweden’s new budget has money for care, but organisational issues remain

The Swedish government proposed a new budget totalling €7.3bn (SEK74bn) to the parliament, Riksdag, on Monday (September 20). Roughly  SEK2.5bn (€247m) is being allocated to elderly care to help the sector recover from COVID. Despite improvements, HBI hears lack of level-playing field between municipalities remains a real struggle.

Interview: Jalil Allabadi, CEO, Altibbi

Saudi Arabia’s largest telemedicine consultations platform Altibbi has managed to double its revenue for fifth consecutive year. CEO and founder Jalil Labadi shares the secrets behind this success with HBI, and talks strategy as the company develops.

Investment needed to fix Africa and South Asian infrastructure

Infrastructure barriers are hampering the growth of telemedicine in developing countries. While European health tech is on the rise, less developed areas of Africa and South Asia are at a crossroads, but investment is being made to fix the problem, HBI hears.

EU dermatology M&A slows

Investors in the US are pouring money into dermatology, while EU markets remain far quieter. To find out where and why deals are – and aren’t - happening, we round up the latest news from the sector in Europe, including the UK dermatology consultant-led business Dermatology Partnership, Sweden’s leading dermatology provider Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud, and Dermatologikum Hamburg in Germany.

PE buys complex childcare in Ireland

Private equity firm Cardinal Capital Group has bought Ashdale Care, which provides specialist therapeutic care for children with complex behavioural needs in Ireland.

Promedica24 continues expansion – sale ‘on the table’

Pan-European homecare group Promedica24 tells HBI that long-term investor ForeVest is considering an exit in the next 1-2 years. Tomasz Brzeziński, CEO and CFO, says that the group has plans to move into Switzerland and Austria as well as diversify its revenue sources in Germany. Brzeziński is one of 100 speakers at HBI 2021, Sept 20-22, the global CEO-level event focused on for-profit healthcare.

Europe’s carer-booking market to pick up with new entrants

Doctor-booking platforms is an established multi-million euro market in Europe. However, platforms that connect families with carers have so far lagged behind. That is starting to change with the emergence of new carer-booking platforms that want to internationalise. HBI speaks to one, Greece's grandmama.

Rede D’Or backs down on Alliar

Brazilian hospital group Rede D'Or has pulled back on its attempt to takeover imaging group Alliar after it became clear it could not take control. However, large lab group Fleury has now also thrown its hat into the ring for a stake.

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