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Even prenatal admissions are down in Kenya

Small and medium healthcare facilities across Sub-Sarahan Africa are facing liquidation with Africa Healthcare Federation reporting an average 40% revenue drop in March. Even the maternity sector, which has held steady in Europe, has seen fewer admissions in Kenya.

Netcare reveals 45% revenue drop for April

Netcare, one of South Africa's 'Big Three' private hospital groups, says that April revenues dropped 45% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the first financial disclosures by a listed hospital group for a full month of national lockdown. 

Major management reshuffle at Ping An Good Doctor

China's largest digital health platform Ping An Good Doctor is reportedly losing its CEO, COO, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer and Company Secretary. Is it trying to shift the platform into a more profitable B2B strategy?

UAE mass tests while private hospital revenues drop 50%

The UAE's decision to mass-test its population for COVID-19 and develop responses at the federal rather than emirate-level look to be paying dividends, notwithstanding its very young population. But how far is the private sector involved in the response, both in the UAE and neighbouring Saudi Arabia? HBI talks to local hospital, lab and advisory sources. 

Covid: The double whammy – who will be left standing?

In a recent paper on the medtech outlook for Europe, UBS, looked at how Singapore and Toronto bounced back from pandemics. Pent up demand simply led to double growth rates the year after. But Covid is two things: a pandemic coupled to a steep recession, almost certainly worse than 2008. We look at what this means for a sector where private equity has often geared up to the hilt.

Booking data shows outpatient has all but stopped

Patient footfall for outpatient care across the world has all but stopped. Exclusive data from DocPlanner shows which specialities have seen the biggest drop in appointments booked and where telemedicine is really picking up some of the slack. We assess this against outpatient volumes in Singapore during SARS to see when it might pick up.

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