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HBI 2023 Panel: Investing in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets present opportunities you wouldn't find in more established geographies. In a panel entitled ‘investing in emerging markets’ at HBI 2023 in London, panellists explored where the most potential for investment in emerging markets lies. The main takeaways were:

Amanat loses a CEO, and gains a platform

UAE-based listed health care and education investment firm Amanat Holdings has had an interesting few weeks. First, its high-flying CEO departed the group, allegedly by mutual consent - but without an immediate successor. Now Amanat has announced it is consolidating its healthcare assets into a single platform.

Interview: Edward Booty, CEO, reach52

HBI catches up with Edward Booty, CEO at Singapore based health platform Reach52, to find out about growth during a pandemic, the importance of primary care, and digital health solutions.

Uptake of telemedicine is higher in women in emerging markets

Telemedicine is being hailed as healthcare’s answer to the problem of access, particularly in emerging markets. But it’s women - often unintentionally - who are proving to be the most avid users of decentralized models. HBI speaks to two Africa and Asia based access experts to understand why.

African healthcare’s do it yourself plan

The pandemic exposed the fragility of supply chains in emerging markets, and their overdependence on international networks. As delegates at the IFC’s conference in Cape Town, South Africa heard last month, there is a renewed appetite in Africa for self-sufficiency and a coordinated shift towards regionalisation.

Reconciling payor-provider tensions

Relationships between payors and providers can be notoriously tricky. As attendees at the recent IFC conference in Cape Town, South Africa heard, the difference is often over how value is defined - and as providers grow, the balance of power is shifting.

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