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Schoen opens its first outpatient mental health facility in London

German hospital group Schoen Kliniken has opened its first outpatient mental health facility in London, following the opening of its specialist orthopaedic clinic last summer and the acquisition of a non-profit mental health organisation in York earlier this year. We speak to the group's executive director about plans to expand its specialist psychiatric care in the UK.

New Russian law opens domiciliary care market

A new taxation law being piloted in and around Moscow City has created a market for domiciliary care services offered by self-employed professionals. We speak to Russian nursing home provider Senior Group, which is launching a new private pay service off the back of this change.

Wafer-thin health care service profits at Bupa

Why did Bupa, the international health insurer which is also one of the largest health care service players outside of the USA, announce its 2018 results so quietly that HBI isn't aware of any UK daily reporting them this year? The figures show that Bupa's £3.37bn of revenue from nursing homes, hospitals, dentistry and primary care across a dozen countries, barely made money. Could this be down to its interesting governance structure?

Indian dental group introduces “it’s not-a-franchise” franchise model

When is a dental franchise not a franchise? According to Vikram Vora, the founder and CEO of affordable dental care specialist Sabka Dentist, when it has more to offer. HBI caught up with him at HBI 2019 to find out more about the franchise with benefits which he says could add up to 2,000 new practices within three years.

NHS trust in talks for Gulf PPP

A source exclusively tells HBI that an NHS Trust specialising in psychiatry and mental health plans to export its brand of specialist clinics to the GCC.

Is this new model the easyJet of UK dentistry?

UK dentists face tough times, not least mydentist, the UK's largest provider of NHS dentistry. In common with other groups, it has struggled to hit NHS targets and faced clawbacks -  £57m (€64m) in 2017. Tom Riall, CEO, thinks he may have found the answer, which he calls "affordable private dentistry". Riall spoke at HBI 2019, and we caught up with him during the event for an exclusive interview to find out more.

Big South African hospital groups look to affordable care for masses

The new(ish) CEOs of Life and Mediclinic are keen to engage beyond their traditional elite markets of around 9m people. We look at new affordable models and where they could be exported beyond the rainbow nation. Both Life's Shrey Viranna and Mediclinic's Ronnie Van Der Merwe were at HBI 2019.

Is Sana expanding out of Germany?

Germany's third-largest hospital group Sana Kliniken's recent tie-up with Switzerland's largest hospital group points to international expansion plans, says a well-placed advisor in Germany.

From factory to decision support engine

We interview Claudia Pronk, CEO of Atalmedial, one of the largest Dutch diagnostic lab with a network of more than 100 outpatient clinics and collection locations, about its journey to providing doctors with very detailed, actionable diagnoses and also about the Dutch market.

Spanish fertility medical tourism in decline

Spain's large and liberal IVF market has long attracted a steady stream of medical tourists into the country, but as other Europe markets catch up, this is beginning to dwindle. With the market already consolidated, where does this leave growth in the country's sector? HBI talks to an operator to find out more.

DomusVi extends its medicalised homecare offering

DomusVi, Spain's largest nursing home operator by revenue, is entering a partnership with Axa Partners and Philips to extend its medicalised homecare offering. The trio will deliver medical technology to clients suffering from respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and breathing difficulties due to asthma. A pilot is underway involving 60 people […]

Profit and revenue up at IDH despite challenging environment

LSE-listed Integrated Diagnostics Holdings (IDH) has released its full-year results showing substantial growth in profits, revenue and EBITDA. The lab group, which was brought to IPO by CEO Hend el Sherbini in 2015 and is present in Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Nigeria, has added an additional 40 branches to its network in the last year, […]

Interview: Martin Hrezo, CEO, Penta Hospitals International

We talk to the new CEO of CEE group Penta Hospitals International (PHI). Martin Hrezo discusses current markets Poland, Slovakia and Czechia, the synergies between them and why it decided to slow down its international expansion.

Homecare business model focuses on partnerships for profit

Spanish medicalised homecare specialist Qida has developed a business model that it claims could bump margins in a traditionally low margin market. We speak to the company's founder and CEO about its model and how it plans to tackle the biggest challenges in for-profit homecare.

Four Seasons secures more funding as search for buyer drags on

Four Seasons, the UK's third largest care home group by revenue, has secured further funding from its creditor, US hedge fund H/2 Capital, to tide it over until a sale. We speak to a market adviser about the issues investors will be encountering when looking at this asset. It has been officially up for sale since November last year.

Magnificent seven plan to consolidate Hungarian healthcare

We talk to Dr Lajos Fabian, chairman of MedAlliance Holding, a grouping of seven investors which has been busy buying healthcare providers in the fragmented Hungarian healthcare market through its buy-and-build platform Tritonlife, which it launched in late 2018. The aim is to replicate the achievements of Medigroup in Serbia and Regina Maria in Romania with eventual sale or IPO, but not for at least 5-7 years.

Spire full-year results confirm tough year

UK hospital chain Spire Healthcare's full-year results have confirmed the tough year it warned investors about: revenue was flat, EBITDA fell 26%, while pre-tax profits and EPS were a third and half, respectively, of the previous year. It has slashed its capex in comparison to previous years.

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