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Orpea pledges to pay in full as restructuring rumours continue

French elderly care giant Orpea continues to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Over the last week, dozens of facilities were raided by the French authorities, talk continues to be rife about restructuring and potential exits, and contrary to previous assertions HBI understands the group now intends to pay back the full €56m owed to the state.

Amazon launches telehealth platform

Amazon has launched its own telehealth platform, Amazon Clinic, on which patients can connect with health care providers in their area and book appointments.

Babylon CEO admits to stock market disaster

Ali Parsa, the charismatic healthcare entrepreneur who founded digital health company Babylon Health, has branded the company’s stock market performance an “unbelievable, unmitigated disaster” in an interview with the Financial Times.

€8bn to save German hospitals, but no relief for labs

The German government has pledged an €8bn support package to help hospitals and care homes tackle inflation and rising energy costs, and promised to end Germany's flat-rate DRG tariff system, but other parts of the the country's under pressure health care sector - particularly smaller lab groups - are struggling to stay afloat.

Interview: Lars Dahle, founder, Dignio

Having spent the last 10 years of his life building a multi-million revenue company, Dignio founder Lars Dahle has found the last week since he stepped down as CEO rather quiet. HBI catches up with him in reflective mood, as he chats about how he built the business up, and how he really feels about leaving his company's future in others' hands.

Orpea forced to take drastic steps to fix finances

Orpea has four months to clean up its finances and reach a new agreement with its creditors on debt restructuring. The conciliation period which it has agreed with the courts has bought it time to consider its options in the face of rising costs and interest rates, and a cooling real estate market. The main proposal under discussion is a debt/equity swap which would result in a drastic dilution of existing shares, but it is hard to see how the numbers could add up. HBI hears from analysts about the tough decisions facing the group.

Interview: Paresh Patel, CEO, OCL Vision

HBI chats with Paresh Patel, the new CEO of UK-based OCL Vision and former MD of UK, Czechia and Poland-based ophthalmology platform Optegra, about his new role, and the ophthalmology market in general.

Buurtzorg expands into nursing homes

Netherlands-based medicalised homecare specialist Buurtzorg is expanding into nursing homes. HBI catches up with a Dutch healthcare expert to find out more.

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