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The race to genetic testing in Africa

Pan-European lab company Synlab is launching a 'wellness centre' in Nigeria three months after doors opened on a similar facility in Madrid.

Indian hospitals building fewer beds

India's hospitals have all but stopped building beds in Tier I cities in the past two years, instead investing in smaller cities. HBI explores new bed growth data. 

Ping An launches comprehensive care platform

China's biggest online healthcare services provider is moving its business model towards more personalised care with the launch of a comprehensive care online platform.

Interview: David Fernández, DomusVi Healthcare

Five years ago, DomusVi created its medicalised homecare business DomusVi Healthcare. Today, while the division only represents an estimated 0.8% of the company's Spanish operations, it presents innovative approaches to doing business.

DomusVi: Insurers need to see the value in homecare

Europe's third-largest nursing home operator by revenue, DomusVi, claims its homecare business saves 35% on hospitalisation costs for private Spanish insurers. So why do they still need convincing to pay for homecare services? We speak to the director of DomusVi Healthcare, David Fernández.

How to make telemonitoring succeed

How do you make a success of telemonitoring for patients, professionals and health systems alike? This was the key question for the expert panel at HBI2019's policy summit which included Dr Daan Dohmen, CEO of Dutch telemonitoring company FocusCura, and managing director of social welfare for the Province of Barcelona Josep Muñoz Luque.

Opportunities in LATAM

Panellists on the LatAm panel at HBI 2019 see good opportunities in the region thanks to booming demand, particularly as demographics shift from rural to urban bases, and with the growth of the chronic and elderly care markets. Increasing use of digital health tools and better data, plus the growth of the consumer market are also seen as positive factors for the market.

Can you internationalise digital mental health platforms?

Earlier this year, German hospital and psychiatric specialist Asklepios bought a Dutch platform for mental health services despite no reimbursement in place at the time. Only yesterday did the German Ministry of Health announce a draft bill for the reimbursement of digital therapy software. We speak to the CEOs of Dutch platform Karify, UK platform Xenzone as well as the CEO of French international psychiatric clinics, Clinéa, about the risks of going international.

Does Value Health have a future?

Value health is the revolutionary idea pioneered by Harvard guru Michael Porter. He had the temerity to suggest providers should be rewarded for quality, rather than activity and that the patient should be viewed and consulted as customers. Invented in the early noughties, it hit a high water mark 7-8 years ago when Obamacare was rolled out incorporating the concept. Then it felt like an inexorable river.

Interview: Tanya Little, Life Healthcare

One of South Africa's largest acute care groups is piloting a nurse-led, bricks and mortar but digitally managed, primary care model based in a retail unit. Confused? HBI speaks to group operations executive, Tanya Little, at Life Healthcare to find out more.

How are the big diagnostic labs doing?

We examine a feast of data, the 2018 results, from Cerba, Synlab and Unilabs and contrast them with Sonic and Eurofins. What do they tell us about their performance across routine lab testing, acquisitions and diversification?

Political risk and fighting fraud in MENA

Political risk in the Middle East and Africa is high, and at times unavoidable. But at HBI 2019, consultancy firm McDermott, Will & Emery (MWE) offered its advice on how to safely do business in the region.

Investing in Europe: Strategies, trends and threats

Paris-based PAI Partners, US firm Blackstone, Swedish private equity EQT and healthcare-only investor GHO talked about investment strategy, future trends and threats to the sector at HBI 2019, as they shared their investment insights.

Procurement doesn’t capture operators’ imaginations, but there’s money to be saved

Healthcare operators do not, generally, find procurement a hot topic – yet there are huge savings to be made and procurement done well can make a substantial difference to a company’s bottom line. Where is the of medtech, and why do companies seem content to pay up to fivefold more for the same product in a neighbouring country? How do you get operators interested in procurement when. Clearly, if they can save money they ought to be?

Why investors are champing at the bit to get into dentistry

There was a lot of positivity at HBI 2019 for “one of the most exciting sectors of the moment” according to moderator Tobias Kloesters from LEK Consulting - dentistry. Kloesters was joined by MyDentist CEO Tom Riall, Dr Eddie Coyle from Colosseum Dental, Pieter Lathouwers CEO of Belgium-based Dentius and Vikram Vora from Sabka in India.

Innovative services tackle rising mental health need

Companies with innovative digital and inpatient solutions claim to be rallying to meet the enormous global demand for specialist mental healthcare. The sector presents a unique challenge, as demand for services still far outstrips supply. At HBI 2019's panel on psychiatry and mental health, led by consultancy firm Candesic, UK digital platform XenZone, Norwegian inpatient provider Incita and German psychiatric specialists Schoen Klinik explained their takes on the issue.

Elderly care: mitigating the costs of rising dependency

The key question at HBI 2019's elderly care session was obvious: how do you mitigate the costs of increasingly medicalised care in light of rising dependency? LEK Consulting chaired an expert panel which included the CEO of Europe's largest nursing home group by revenue, Korian, and the CEOs of Nordic player Norlandia Health Care and Singaporean digital homecare platform Jaga-Me.

Schoen opens its first outpatient mental health facility in London

German hospital group Schoen Kliniken has opened its first outpatient mental health facility in London, following the opening of its specialist orthopaedic clinic last summer and the acquisition of a non-profit mental health organisation in York earlier this year. We speak to the group's executive director about plans to expand its specialist psychiatric care in the UK.

New Russian law opens domiciliary care market

A new taxation law being piloted in and around Moscow City has created a market for domiciliary care services offered by self-employed professionals. We speak to Russian nursing home provider Senior Group, which is launching a new private pay service off the back of this change.

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