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Major management reshuffle at Ping An Good Doctor

China's largest digital health platform Ping An Good Doctor is reportedly losing its CEO, COO, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer and Company Secretary. Is it trying to shift the platform into a more profitable B2B strategy?

Synlab raises €850m through bond

Pan-European lab group Synlab has issued over twice the amount of bond debt it was targeting in response to an low take-up of its bond-to-loan offer.

Interview: Dr Hugo Stephenson, CEO, Induction Healthcare

The Induction Switch app is used by the majority of hospital doctors in the UK but its owner has only very recently started generating revenue a year after launching on the AIM. That's despite a userbase stretching South Africa, Australia and the USA. Its CEO, an entrepreneur who has founded no less than three health tech companies, talks to HBI about how it plans to turn free-using customers into revenue-generating customers.

Spain passes law to requisition private sector

Spain has passed a law enabling regional governments to seize control of private facilities. Portugal has passed a similar law. Meanwhile, HM Hospitales, the second largest group faces a backlash after suggesting now would be a good time for its staff to go on holiday.

Divestment and delayed repayments: How NMC might survive

Is NMC Health a sinking ship, or might it still be saved? HBI speaks to a UAE-based operator to find out how the under-fire group might keep its head above water, the difficult steps it must take to stay afloat, and who conceivably might step in to bail it out.

SRL shifts focus to B2C as minority sale stalls

Fortis-owned Indian lab chain SRL says that after the last two years of "stagnant expansion" it has started to open more blood collection points in a shift to the B2C segment. The company remains tight-lipped about the ongoing minority sale process.

NMC shares suspended after CEO fired

Trading in the shares of scandal-hit NMC Health, the UAE’s largest for-profit healthcare provider, has been suspended. The move follows hot on the heels of the removal of the CEO, and the discovery of unauthorised off-balance sheet financing.

Nordic listed care companies: A comparison

The for-profit Nordic care sector has faced intensified scrutiny after scandals erupted at Finnish Esperi and Attendo last year. A look at the share prices of listed companies Ambea, Attendo and Humana gives some indication of the effect of this, where newly elected governments in the last few years have created environments more or less favourable to the private sector.

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