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Veritas Intercontinental raises €5m as it off-shoots from ailing US business

Veritas Intercontinental, the spin-off of US genome sequencing group, Veritas Genetics, has raised €5m from existing investors to help finish building a new lab in Spain. CEO Javier de Echevarría tells HBI that the money will help to establish its independence from its former parent company which temporarily ceased US trading last year. 

Cinven hires banks for Synlab 2021 IPO

HBI hears Synlab's private equity owner Cinven has mandated banks for an initial public offering, expected to take place next year. It will value Synlab at €5bn-6bn.

COVID-19: The view from Africa

Africa needs to come together to find a solution to the COVID crisis, which has proved to be as much an economic one as a healthcare one - and cannot and should not rely on help from outside. This was the view of an expert panel which convened online to discuss COVID-19, healthcare more generally, and African economics.

Liberia during COVID: A case study for Africa?

A health crisis leading to an economic downturn and a political crisis. Here is a case study of how COVID has hit Liberia based on the view of Gyude Moore, senior policy fellow at the Centre for Global Development, and former Minister of Public Work speaking on Saturday (October 10).

Covid grows the lab market in 2020

HBI Intelligence is now forecasting that most European lab markets will be larger in 2020, than our pre-Covid forecasts. That is despite deep dips in March and April, with some groups thinking about firing two-thirds of their staff and defaulting on rent.

Unilabs new innovation chief targets consumer market

Unilabs has a new chief innovation officer who comes from recently acquired Dutch lab Saltro. Dr Esther Talboom-Kamp tells HBI about the consumer-facing and B2C platforms that she built there, but the pan-European lab group is coy about what it's now building in the space. 

European operators brace for second wave

COVID's second wave looks either imminent, or is already starting to hit in many jurisdictions. Wave one saw lockdowns and closures - and not all closures were temporary. Will wave two be any different? HBI has been talking to operators across EMEA to see if forewarned is forearmed, how they predict the next few months will go, and what lessons have been learned.

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