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Cinven looks to take Synlab private as Covid boost falters

Frankfurt-listed Synlab could be about to be taken private following a non-binding full takeover offer earlier this week. With its full year results released yesterday and facing questions about its plans, HBI asks market experts what they think of the move.

Interview: Sam Gray, Apposite Capital

London-based PE group Apposite Capital is among the most active investors in health care in Europe. HBI chats with managing partner Sam Gray about the state of the market and pricing, how he sees that changing, and the investment opportunities piquing his interest at present.

Cinven looking to take Synlab private

London headquartered global PE firm Cinven has submitted a non-binding offer to fully take over Europe's largest lab group Synlab, the company confirmed today, following speculation it was looking to take the group private.

Key themes and takeaways from the IFC’s Emerging Markets conference

Last month, thought leaders from private healthcare systems across the globe gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, to network, share their findings, and consider how emerging markets can become more resilient. HBI was there, and these are our key themes and takeaways.

Saudi boom creating billion dollar opportunities

Sources at the Arab Health exhibition confirm that the ambitious Saudi 2030 project which will see the country transfer most health care service delivery to the for-profit sector is still on. What are the implications of this?

Al Borg eyes franchising and reference markets

Big Saudi lab group Al Borg plans to use franchising to grow rapidly with a consumer-led offer which includes imaging and primary care. It is also constructing two enormous reference labs in Riyad and Jeddah with the aim of seizing a market where Saudi spends billions.  The group is also still eyeing a stock market listing.

German labs accused of lobbying to profiteer from Covid

A group of journalists from German broadcasting companies Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) has accused Germany’s private labs groups of lobbying the government in order to protect their Covid testing profits. 

End to French labs strike as agreement struck with government

The unions representing French labs groups called an end to their strike on Tuesday, January 10, after reaching an agreement with the government on tariff cuts for 2023. The agreement specifies that up to €250m of labs’ funding can be cut in 2023, but that no further cuts will be made during the year. While this deal ends the immediate problem, HBI hears it has only delayed further conflict.

Portuguese competition authority goes after labs

Portugal’s competition authority (AdC) has opened an investigation into collusion it suspects took place between several of the country’s major labs groups during the years 2016 and 2022. The accused groups include Affidea, Synlab and Unilabs subsidiaries.

Atrys offloads 25% of Conversia amid stock slump

Spanish based diagnostic labs group Atrys has sold 24.9% of its stake in regulatory compliance subsidiary Conversia to Arragio NW Segundo for €20m. The move comes after a disappointing year where the firm has seen its share price fall 39%.

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