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Dr Lal Pathlabs acquires two labs

India's largest diagnostics chain by revenue, NSE-listed Dr Lal Pathlabs, is acquiring two pathological laboratories for a total of around $1m (€900m).

FREE BLOG After Christmas come the New Year sales

Christmas is fast approaching, and hot on its heels, the New Year sales. Here at HBI, we like a high street deal as much as the next man, but it’s what’s in the healthcare services pipeline in 2020 that’s caught our eye today.

Veritas Genetics stalls in the States

Veritas Genetics, the US startup pioneering the sequencing of entire genomes, has ceased operating in the US, putting a spotlight on the future of its European and LATAM operations. The news comes following a price cut in the States which was designed to bring more customers onboard, but it seems its direct-to-consumer model struggled as […]

Brazilian M&A shows “territory war” for the South

This year, Brazilian healthcare has been characterised by a flurry of activity from two vertically integrated insurers in particular. The most intense competition has occurred in the affluent South, where providers are battling it out for market share.

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