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HBI 2024 Day Three, Afternoon Briefing

The afternoon of day three of HBI 2024 included sessions on getting the most out of your data, elderly care, diagnostic labs, and medical aesthetics.

Workers in Finland’s private labs and imaging sector go on strike

Workers in Finland’s private diagnostic imaging and labs sectors have called a strike over wages. Major groups Mehiläinen, Terveystalo, Pihlajalinna, Synlab and Vita Laboratories will be affected. However, a Terveystalo spokesperson tells us the strikes “are not expected to have a material impact on providers nor risk the health of our patients”.

The London Clinic opens rapid diagnostics clinic

The London Clinic, a large private hospital in London, is opening a new diagnostics centre just across from its main site in Harley Street, London, to deliver fast diagnostics services to patients wanting to skip NHS queues.

Interview: Alberto de Rosa, President of Ribera Salud

Have public-private partnerships had their day? Who better to answer this than Alberto de Rosa, president of Spanish hospital group Ribera Salud which was forced to pivot away from PPPs to fight off political opposition, and meet the demands of a shifting Spanish healthcare environment. HBI asks him how the model, in any form, might survive.

Billionaire activist investor takes stake in Synlab as Cinven’s offer period ends

Billionaire activist investor Paul Singer has acquired a minority stake in pan-European diagnostic labs group Synlab, just before the deadline for shareholders to decide whether they want to sell to PE firm Cinven, which is trying to take the group private. Singer appears to agree with Synlab's board that Cinven's €10-per-share offer doesn't reflect the true long-term value of the company.

Clock ticking on Cinven’s offer as Synlab management sits on the fence

Multinational labs group Synlab has left it up to shareholders to make up their own mind about whether to sell their shares to UK PE firm Cinven. Cinven has already secured 79% of the shares, but remaining shareholders have until November 20 to decide whether to accept Cinven's €10-per-share public acquisition offer.

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