Healthcare Reform


Commissioners hurt UK care homes

UK nursing homes are facing record fines and the prospect of financial failure, but one market expert argues that providers shouldn’t be shouldering the burden alone. HBI investigates who or what exactly is to blame and what more can be done to alleviate pressures and improve the quality of care.

German doctors demand more money as outpatient sector “faces collapse”

Germany’s National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) has put a series of demands to the Ministry of Health. These include sustainable, inflation-linked financing, more training and digitisation and less bureaucracy. The group says that if its demands are not implemented the outpatient sector is at risk of collapsing.

Stalemate for the only solution to doctor shortages

An innovative distance learning platform that trains doctor for just €100,000 has frozen its 2023 intake thanks to the intransigence and obfuscation of the medical profession. Malta-based EDU, accredited by Maastricht University Hospital, has faced four years of delay in accreditation from the Medical Association of Malta despite being able to demonstrate that its doctors outperform those trained in university hospitals.

Saudi crackdown will shut businesses as new path paved for investors

The Saudi Arabian government is overhauling the regulatory regime governing its health care sector to make way for the huge amounts of private investment needed to deliver ambitious growth targets. As well as simplifying laws governing private ownership and foreign investment, it is increasing auditing checks on providers - and closing hundreds of sites that don’t meet health standards.

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