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Nordic listed care companies: A comparison

The for-profit Nordic care sector has faced intensified scrutiny after scandals erupted at Finnish Esperi and Attendo last year. A look at the share prices of listed companies Ambea, Attendo and Humana gives some indication of the effect of this, where newly elected governments in the last few years have created environments more or less favourable to the private sector.

Indian healthcare budget “meagre and insignificant”

HBI hears India's healthcare budget has disappointed operators and commentators alike and fallen short of what the country needs to achieve all its UHC ambitions. Announced last week, it was meant to double to 2.5% of GDP, but will only reach 1.15%. We speak to a senior executive at an operator source and break down what's changed and what the system still requires.

Paterson Inquiry report lays bare UK private hospital sector flaws

A new report lays bare the systematic failings which allowed a rogue surgeon to perform hundreds of unnecessary surgeries in the UK. HBI is told that getting consultant-level activity data is still problematic, while Schoen Clinic UK tells HBI why more private doctors should be directly employed.

Finnish region to launch €1bn healthcare tender

One of Finland's regions has taken a stand against continued SOTE delays by opting to outsource its health and social services through a joint venture worth up to €1bn with a single operator. It's the first substantial tender since new outsourcing tenders were banned in 2016 - could other regions follow?

How do you solve the Belgian bed problem?

Belgium's three regions have vastly different occupancy rates when it comes to nursing home beds. Would pan-European policy favouring the free movement of retirees be a way to lessen waiting lists by funnelling them toward markets more able to house them? We ponder the question with founder and managing director of Belgian real-estate advisory firm Anixton.

Delays in Oman for insurance and hospital construction

Private providers in Oman are still awaiting the introduction of mandatory insurance a year after the country's Capital Market Authority said it would be introduced. Experts suggest a new timeline of Q2 2020 but could construction news also point to further problems in both the public and private healthcare sectors?

Debts stacking up for NHI schemes

Nearly three years after the CEO of Ghana's National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) declared it "almost bankrupt", its President claims that his party has cleared the GHS1.2bn ($200m) debt. The country isn't alone in having stacked up debt: HBI looks at the arrears of NHI schemes across emerging markets.

Is a Finnish care crisis on the cards?

This year has seen capacity growth in Finnish elderly care "collapse" after the sector was shaken by scandals at some of the country's largest operators. With an increasingly elderly population in need of more accommodation and a public system unable to fund them, is the Finnish system facing a crisis in care?

FREE BLOG Agency models look easy to disintermediate

How would you describe a for-profit healthcare group which basically takes people away from jobs in the public sector and then hires them back to the same employers in exchange for a fat fee?  How about parasitic?

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