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Life Healthcare soars 17% on aducanumab’s FDA approval

The first FDA approval for an Alzheimer's drug in 20 years, aducanumab, sent the share price of South African and European hospital/imaging group Life Healthcare soaring 17%. The group manufacturers one of only three amyloid tracers for PET-CT diagnosis of the disease and is also the largest for-profit provider of PET-CT scans in Europe.

Life Healthcare entering South African imaging market

South African hospital and European imaging group Life Healthcare is planning to enter the imaging market on home turf, with up to 3bn Rand (€180m) earmarked for buying out radiology practices in its hospitals, its head of Investor Relations (IR) tells HBI.

medneo targets other markets after UK expansion

Nicolas Weber, CEO of German imaging group medneo, says that the company has had "a great market entry" to the UK. He expects more national openings as demand for imaging soars post-COVID.

Margin drop for French imaging sector

Margins for some of the largest French imaging operators halved from 2015 to 2019, after tariffs cuts in 2017, while the combined figure at the top 30 fell 2.4 percentage points.

Diversification saves Life Healthcare

Life Healthcare's international division continued to make up for its sluggish core South African (SA) market in the last two quarters meaning it expects better results than SA-only competitor Netcare. German group Asklepios, the largest single-country hospital operator in Europe, saw a big loss in 2020 despite generous state support.

Unilabs enters Peruvian imaging

Diagnostic group Unilabs has entered Peruvian imaging with the acquisition of Cimedic. The group says it's the start of a strategic plan for diagnostic growth in the country.

Vithas puts weight behind new diagnostics division

Spain's second-largest hospital group Vithas has brought together its diagnostic arms into a new division called Vithas Diagnostics. It's headed by a new employee, who comes straight from Synlab.

NHS will ‘not have the capital’ for 100 new imaging centres

NHS England will not have the capital to fund the 100-plus new outpatient imaging centres needed to meet demand in the coming years, says the CEO of Imaging Holdings, a top-five for-profit imaging operator. The group is launching four new mobile imaging units after securing a growth funding facility from its PE backer Apposite Capital. 

Russia debates ban on spending public funds on capex

Russia has put forward draft proposals that forbid private providers from spending compulsory insurance funds on capital expenditure, the acquisition of property and the repayment of loans. Operators say it will likely halt all investment in the sector.

2021: A boom year for health care M&A

The M&A market has roared out of Covid in the first quarter according to the HBI Panel Discussion. Are multiples likely to drop and what is investor appetite?

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