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$3bn Imaging AI sector will re-shape industry after watershed 2019/20

Imaging AI solutions which can read images just as well as radiologists are now demonstrably effective medical products that will revolutionise the medical imaging industry forever. $1.5bn in VC funding has been ploughed into companies developing solutions whose tech promises to transform diagnosis and improve operational efficiency. We talk to five of them who've commercialised products in 2019/20, for-profit operators using them, and look at the sector in detail in this long-read feature.

HBI 2020: Opportunities for AI are in non-clinical space

Most of the ongoing research into healthcare AI is in the clinical space. However, there are plenty of non-clinical tasks, like the protocols and positioning of MRIs, in which AI can boost productivity by 30-50%.

HBI 2020: Non-COVID lab volumes recover in Q3 but M&A model may be redundant

Non-COVID lab volumes reached their pre-pandemic levels in Q3. But does the pandemic signal the end of the sector's reliance on M&A, and what are the implications of new B2C markets? Operators Unilabs, amedes, Medicover and Dr Lal Pathlabs, B2C platform Daslab and supplier Abbott discussed all this and more at HBI 2020's 'Diagnostics: Opportunities and Challenges' & 'A new global consumer market?' sessions.

HBI 2020: Investor interest in hospitals increases while outpatient valuations drop

Investors from varied backgrounds - infrastructure, private equity, and REIT, are all bullish about the prospects for healthcare investment in 2021, according to a panel of experts speaking at the HBI 2020 European Investment Panel discussion. But the pandemic may have 'readjusted the relative value discussion across sectors' according to one private equity investor.

HBI 2020: Medtech and services – new partnerships and opportunities

The relationship between medtech and its customers is changing. No longer is medtech wheeled out for a one-off purchase. Long-term partnerships are being built, and patients and providers are benefitting. An expert panel at HBI 2020 explored the burgeoning relationship between medtech and services, and some of the challenges this presented.

Movement at the top of German imaging

Curagita-backed Deutsche Radiologienetz AG (DeRaG), one of the first movers in consolidating the German imaging market, will soon bring in a new investor, HBI can reveal. Meanwhile, ongoing investigations into the founder of Med 360°, the largest player in the market, may raise questions over the future of one of its minority shareholders.

Interview: Klaus Boehncke, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting 

What can you do with AI and big data today and what will be possible within three years? Why has adoption been slower than you might have expected? And what sort of role should health care providers look to play? HBI gets an expert view from digital, technology and business strategy expert Klaus Boehncke, partner at L.E.K. Consulting, who is chairing the Best Practice Workshop: Delivering Digital Excellence: A Framework for Success at HBI 2020 in two weeks.

CEE – a land of opportunity?

With 125 million people - 80 million of whom live in the big four (Poland, Romania, Czechia and Hungary) - CEE is a large and diverse market. But is it a tempting one? HBI-365 members heard an expert panel in our CEE State of the Regions broadcast suggest that while COVID is creating huge problems across the world, it is also creating opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

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