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Private players swoop on national hotlines

Outpatient group Gajda-Med has won Poland's multi-million euro contract to deliver first-contact telehealth services for the Polish NHS. It follows a recent trend of private sector companies moving to work on national hotlines, including in Sweden and Switzerland, and it is very controversial where operators already own physical clinics.

0.02% of German prescriptions are apps

HBI hears the first eight months of Germany's digital app reimbursement is viewed as "modestly positive", with statutory insurer AOK saying that it has prescribed 4,700 apps under the framework.

Doctors tire of telehealth overtreatment

GPs in the UK have said that telehealth has left practices feeling overwhelmed by patient demand, with some requesting e-consultations every single day. It's not the first market where telehealth has driven over-consumption of healthcare services.

Kaia Health raises $75m to develop motion tracking solution

Europe's most funded digital therapeutics start-up Kaia Health has raised a $75m Series C bringing its total amount raised to date to over $100m. CEO Konstantin Mehl tells HBI it will be spent on building the commercial team in Germany and the States as well as developing its motion detection solution used for treating chronic pain on mobile phones.

Why UK homecare lags behind nursing homes in tech-assisted care

Technology-assisted homecare in the UK remains nursing homes' poor relation, despite the potential to reduce the live care needed and solve understaffing issues. HBI speaks to multiple tech experts and asks why it hasn't caught on in the same way.

Babylon makes triple hires from US tech scene

UK-based digital health company Babylon has hired a trio of new senior management personnel from Amazon, Expedia and Brex. The tech unicorn says the new leadership will work on US-based growth this year. 

IBM’s flight from healthcare shows AI must be local

IBM is on the retreat from its decade long AI in healthcare project: a multi-billion-dollar buy-and-build strategy to gather billions of data points fed into supercomputer Watson. Critics say the business has been unprofitable, overpromised and questioned how fit for purpose it is. HBI gets the inside track.

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