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Home Instead plans to “raise revenue” with telemonitoring contract

Domiciliary care provider Home Instead has contracted a telemonitoring platform to provide digital services across all 200 of its UK franchises. The CEO of that platform tells us why he believes there is a compelling business case for pairing telemonitoring with domiciliary care.

Digitalising the temp recruitment market

Locum's Nest is one of several apps trying to eat the huge UK temporary healthcare staffing market. We talk to non-exec and angel investor Stephen Kelly, former CEO of the big international accountancy software firm Sage Group and former COO for efficiency for the UK government, about the market.

Finland first to provide one-stop healthcare data access

Finland has enacted GDPR-compliant legislation that will give third parties access to national Finnish healthcare data – a move yet to be made elsewhere. HBI speaks to delegates at this year’s HIMSS conference in Helsinki.

How to make telemonitoring succeed

How do you make a success of telemonitoring for patients, professionals and health systems alike? This was the key question for the expert panel at HBI2019's policy summit which included Dr Daan Dohmen, CEO of Dutch telemonitoring company FocusCura, and managing director of social welfare for the Province of Barcelona Josep Muñoz Luque.

Interview: Konstantin Mehl, Founder & CEO, Kaia Health

We talk to Konstantin Mehl, the founder of Kaia, a digital therapy app for chronic lower back pain which recently closed its Series A and is seeing 25% monthly organic growth in paying B2C users, he claims.

DocPlanner flying towards Unicorn status

DocPlanner, the online booking and rating platform rival to Doctolib, has just closed a Series E funding round for €80m, but the company says it has "some way to go" to unicorn status. 

What is really possible in e-health?

HBI's Policy Summit on Monday, April 8, brought together some of the policymakers and payors charged with imagining effective future healthcare systems. HBI brought together a group from some of the countries most advanced down the integrated e-health path to find out what's really possible. 

Can pan-Nordic synergies really exist?

Three of the Nordic's largest operators took to the stage at HBI 2019 to speak about pan-Nordic collaboration. Here's what Fredrik Gren, CEO of Ambea, Alexander Wennergren Helm, CEO of Aleris, and Yrjö Närnhinen, CEO of Terveystalo, said.

Innovative services tackle rising mental health need

Companies with innovative digital and inpatient solutions claim to be rallying to meet the enormous global demand for specialist mental healthcare. The sector presents a unique challenge, as demand for services still far outstrips supply. At HBI 2019's panel on psychiatry and mental health, led by consultancy firm Candesic, UK digital platform XenZone, Norwegian inpatient provider Incita and German psychiatric specialists Schoen Klinik explained their takes on the issue.

Everything digital at HBI 2019

If there was one overriding theme to come out of HBI 2019, it is that the future is digital - and in some cases, it's here. Ten per cent of Finland's population is registered to use Mehilainen's digital healthcare app, patients make 25k digital healthcare visits every month in Sweden, and 90% of the world's healthcare data has been created in the past two years.

How far can telehealth deliver primary care?

Today, telehealth delivers up to 7% of all primary care in Europe. What of tomorrow? Major providers say they want to provide up to 80%, but is that realistic? HBI examines the evidence and speaks to a telehealth startup making impressive inroads.

Doctolib valued at €1.1bn

French doctor-booking platform Doctolib has reached unicorn status after a fresh round of funding valued it at €1.1bn. 

The Hospital of the Future: Interview, Natasha Stern, Partner, McKinsey & Company

What will hospital systems look like in the future and how will this answer the challenges they face today? Natasha has recently completed a paper for McKinsey. HBI: Perhaps we can start by defining the big challenges that hospitals face today? NS: Patients are much older and at the same time, many patients want to […]

Diagnostyka partners with symptom checker

CEE's largest lab company Diagnostyka has partnered with digital symptom checker Infermedica in a bid to capture patient flows and leverage the data it collects.

Medgate talks about its Rhoen JV

Last month we reported that Medgate had moved into Germany through a JV with the country's fourth largest hospital group. We caught up with the company to discuss models, reimbursement and the market. 

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