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Everything digital at HBI 2019

If there was one overriding theme to come out of HBI 2019, it is that the future is digital - and in some cases, it's here. Ten per cent of Finland's population is registered to use Mehilainen's digital healthcare app, patients make 25k digital healthcare visits every month in Sweden, and 90% of the world's healthcare data has been created in the past two years.

How far can telehealth deliver primary care?

Today, telehealth delivers up to 7% of all primary care in Europe. What of tomorrow? Major providers say they want to provide up to 80%, but is that realistic? HBI examines the evidence and speaks to a telehealth startup making impressive inroads.

Doctolib valued at €1.1bn

French doctor-booking platform Doctolib has reached unicorn status after a fresh round of funding valued it at €1.1bn. 

The Hospital of the Future: Interview, Natasha Stern, Partner, McKinsey & Company

What will hospital systems look like in the future and how will this answer the challenges they face today? Natasha has recently completed a paper for McKinsey. HBI: Perhaps we can start by defining the big challenges that hospitals face today? NS: Patients are much older and at the same time, many patients want to […]

Diagnostyka partners with symptom checker

CEE's largest lab company Diagnostyka has partnered with digital symptom checker Infermedica in a bid to capture patient flows and leverage the data it collects.

Medgate talks about its Rhoen JV

Last month we reported that Medgate had moved into Germany through a JV with the country's fourth largest hospital group. We caught up with the company to discuss models, reimbursement and the market. 

Interview: Panu Kuusisto, CEO, Auron

We talk to the CEO of a Finnish rehabilitation outfit that just partnered with Mehilainen to roll out its digital platform across the group's network, and discuss broken care pathways, international expansion and the size of the Finnish rehab market.

The latest deals in telehealth

Telehealth is a constantly evolving industry and a fast-changing market. Here's a round up of the latest deals.

Government promises innovators easier access to UK NHS

Private providers have, in the past, found it difficult to try and introduce their innovation into the NHS. Now, the UK government is promising to create a better environment for digital and technology companies to thrive and providers are excited. 

The key to B2C lab testing in Europe

A big lab group appears to have cracked the key to making money from B2C tests and is already selling hundreds of thousands such tests a year online. That would be quite an achievement. We name names.

Ada opens up markets with new languages

German telehealth company Ada claims that introducing new languages on its AI-powered “symptom checker” app will eventually open the market up to an additional 102 million people.

Ada opens up markets with new languages

German telehealth company Ada claims that introducing new languages on its AI-powered "symptom checker" app will eventually open the market up to an additional 102 million people.

A way to triple telehealth take-up

A member of the senior management team at an international health insurance provider tells Healthcare Nova that an experiment with premiums has tripled the take-up of telehealth in one of their markets.

Telehealth sells B2G for the first time in Denmark

A Danish-telehealth provider has signed a contract with a regional health authority to help deliver online consultations, which it says makes it the first digital health company to sell B2G in the country.

Min Doktor goes physical in Sweden

Sweden's second largest telehealth provider has expanded into physical care after making a deal with ICA Gruppen, a large retailer with a focus on food and health.

Babylon adverts changed after they are ruled ‘misleading’

UK-telehealth company Babylon has been forced to alter information on its own website and advertisements after authorities declared it 'misleading', for claiming appointments could be arranged within minutes without mentioning registration with a doctor was needed.

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