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EU’s AI Act gets the greenlight from the European Commission

Despite opposition, the AI Act seems to be ploughing ahead right on schedule. This week, two key groups of lawmakers - the European Commission's civil liberties (LIBE) and internal market (IMCO) committees - gave their overwhelming support for the new law, which should come into force this summer.

EU states approve AI Act

In December, European policymakers gathered in Brussels to hash out the first framework for AI regulation. Despite threats to derail it, all 27 EU member states have now given it a collective thumbs up - but concerns around overregulation, bureaucracy, and the stifling of innovation remain. 

HCA UK adopts Versius surgical robotic system in UK first

The rise of the robotic surgeon marches on. In a UK private sector first, hospital group HCA UK is adopting the Versius surgical robotic system. HBI speaks to an expert from UK-based consultancy Candesic to find out more.

Interview: Rebekah Cresswell, CEO, Priory

With a workforce on its knees, it is little surprise that the prospect of ‘care as a career' is becoming an increasingly difficult reality. HBI speaks to UK mental health and social care provider Priory’s CEO Rebekah Cresswell about the government’s latest reforms, and how staff retention can be improved even when times are tough.

NHS app: the opportunity for private providers

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of registered NHS app users are over 66. Does this present an opportunity for private providers and their own digital offerings? Three E-vangelists explain why pioneers should be cautious.

Goldman Sachs raises $650m for life sciences

Global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs has closed one of the largest first-time private life sciences growth funds. Its West Street Life Sciences I raised "$650 million in equity commitments from a global, diverse group of institutional, strategic and high net worth investors and meaningful commitment from Goldman Sachs employees" according to the bank.

Is 2024 the year of recovery?

As we kick off the new year, HBI speaks to healthcare market experts across a variety of countries and subsectors, and hears what they think is in store for 2024. An election-heavy year could herald changes – but will any be enough to stave off the challenges of workforce, inflation, and soaring costs?

FREE BLOG Emerging markets may have an AI advantage

‘Moore’s Law’ suggests that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles about every two years, while the cost of computers halves. It's an old observation, but the idea that computing power tends to increase exponentially over time still resonates. Today the idea is most frequently applied to artificial intelligence, and with rapidly advancing developments in generative AI, 2024 is poised to become one of the most transformative years on record.

Gilde Healthcare acquires stake in Swiss Dental Solutions

Capital investor Gilde Healthcare acquires a majority stake in Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) through its private equity fund. SDS aims to accelerate its growth in both Europe and the US and become a world leader in the emerging market of ceramic dental implants.

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