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Interview: Stefan Biesdorf, partner, health informatics and big data, McKinsey

Hospitals and insurers have been looking for consolidated digital health platforms ever since they grew tired of 'pilotitus' from a fragmented market. But what if they could become a central administrator to an "ecosystem" where thousands of start-ups become third-party plug-ins? Biesdorf is convinced that this is about to happen in Germany.

Digital homecare start-up buys Mears’ homecare

UK Digital homecare start-up Cera Care, founded in 2016, has acquired Mears Group's domiciliary care business in England and Wales. The company now claims to be the first company globally to use AI at scale in social care. We interview the co-founder and CEO about the deal, the company's strategy and its digital services.

Pension fund leads KRY’s €140m Series C

Canada's largest single-profession pension fund has become the lead investor in the KRY's €140m Series C funding round. HBI speculates on the investment, the valuation and future plans of Europe's largest digital health player.

Korian acquires minority stake in Italian group

In line with Korian's ambitions to become a 'one-stop shop' for elderly care, the company has acquired a 42% stake in Italian domiciliary and residential care provider Over, the services of which will be managed through an online portal.

Exclusive: Doctrin reduces frequent visitors by 39% at Capio

In December 2018, B2B digital health player Doctrin started to integrate its solution into Capio's primary care health centres in Sweden. One year on it shares data with HBI that shows significant reductions in frequent attendances, increase in productivity and reduction in waiting times.

FREE BLOG Agency models look easy to disintermediate

How would you describe a for-profit healthcare group which basically takes people away from jobs in the public sector and then hires them back to the same employers in exchange for a fat fee?  How about parasitic?

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