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EU Artificial Intelligence Act comes into law

The European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act), was published last Friday in the Official Journal of the European Union, the final step in bringing the Act into law.

What innovations are health tech investors most excited about in 2024?

Healthcare is a sector in which it can be hard to innovate. Regulations are tight and risk aversion is rife. This is understandable — justifiable, even — given lives are at stake. But it means the sector doesn’t see much creative destruction in the models it uses for delivering care. 

How AI is improving diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging faces similar capacity and workforce issues as other areas of healthcare. But hundreds of start-ups are developing AI tools to ameliorate the situation. According to Antoine Jomier, CEO & Co Founder of Incepto Medica, a platform for imaging AI applications, there is at least a 30-40% time-saving for radiologists and as much as a seven percentage point EBITDA margin increase for providers at stake. Patients, payors and health systems at large also stand to benefit.

PMI’s changing business model

Access to primary care is now the number one reason people in the UK want private medical insurance (PMI), according to data collected by UK health insurer Vitality. Other NHS countries have been seeing similar trends since Covid. Katie Tryon, Vitality’s Director of Health Strategy, spoke about how this has completely changed the PMI business model — for the better — at HBI’s conference last month.

Exploring ‘dark labs’, at-home testing potential, and the diagnostic lab sector’s consolidation at HBI 2024

The global laboratory diagnostics market has grown significantly, with research estimating its value at around USD $210.58 billion in 2023. It is expected to reach approximately USD $284.38 billion by 2033, expanding at a CAGR of 3.05% from 2024 to 2033. This growth is driven by rising chronic diseases, an ageing population, and the increasing demand for early diagnostics. At HBI 2024, the panel 'Laboratory Diagnostics – Growth Beyond Consolidation' brought together industry experts.

Essential actions amid rising healthcare cyberattacks: all you need to know

A recent NHS cyber attack resulted in the postponement of over 1,100 operations, including nearly 200 cancer treatments, and exposed 400 GB of sensitive NHS and patient data. Cyber attacks on healthcare are growing more frequent, intensifying strain on the sector. As healthcare undergoes greater digitisation and collects more patient data, preparing for and defending against cyber attacks is paramount for the sector's resilience. Since 2020, global healthcare data breach costs have surged by 53.3%. For the 13th consecutive year, healthcare recorded the highest average data breach costs at USD 10.93 million, according to IBM.

Dentistry’s digital future — HBI 2024

At a fascinating HBI 2024 workshop on transforming the dental services industry, innovators outlined bold new business models designed to improve access to affordable, high-quality oral care for millions across Europe.

HBI 2024 Day Three, Afternoon Briefing

The afternoon of day three of HBI 2024 included sessions on getting the most out of your data, elderly care, diagnostic labs, and medical aesthetics.

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