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Interview: Peter Graf, CEO, Tiohundra

Uniquely, we think in Europe, Tiohundra, an organisation serving a municipality of 62,000, has fully merged social care and health care delivery. Social care (elderly care, disabled care, homecare, psychiatry) and health care (hospitals and primary care) – have been melded in to a single organisation. So what are the learnings? And are we going […]

KRY’s Livi becomes biggest NHS supplier of telehealth

KRY's UK subsidiary Livi now has the biggest patient catchment by volume for telehealth consultations in the UK after signing three new deals with the NHS. HBI speaks to its UK country manager, Luke Buhl-Nielsen, about the expansion and its impact so far.

Home Instead plans to “raise revenue” with telemonitoring contract

Domiciliary care provider Home Instead has contracted a telemonitoring platform to provide digital services across all 200 of its UK franchises. The CEO of that platform tells us why he believes there is a compelling business case for pairing telemonitoring with domiciliary care.

Israeli homecare provider finds success in China

Natali, the Israeli homecare market leader provider, now has more than 10m individual customers in China. We talked to the CEO, Nimrod Altman about Natali's business model and plans.

Finland first to provide one-stop healthcare data access

Finland has enacted GDPR-compliant legislation that will give third parties access to national Finnish healthcare data – a move yet to be made elsewhere. HBI speaks to delegates at this year’s HIMSS conference in Helsinki.

Ping An launches comprehensive care platform

China's biggest online healthcare services provider is moving its business model towards more personalised care with the launch of a comprehensive care online platform.

How to make telemonitoring succeed

How do you make a success of telemonitoring for patients, professionals and health systems alike? This was the key question for the expert panel at HBI2019's policy summit which included Dr Daan Dohmen, CEO of Dutch telemonitoring company FocusCura, and managing director of social welfare for the Province of Barcelona Josep Muñoz Luque.

Can you internationalise digital mental health platforms?

Earlier this year, German hospital and psychiatric specialist Asklepios bought a Dutch platform for mental health services despite no reimbursement in place at the time. Only yesterday did the German Ministry of Health announce a draft bill for the reimbursement of digital therapy software. We speak to the CEOs of Dutch platform Karify, UK platform Xenzone as well as the CEO of French international psychiatric clinics, Clinéa, about the risks of going international.

DocPlanner flying towards Unicorn status

DocPlanner, the online booking and rating platform rival to Doctolib, has just closed a Series E funding round for €80m, but the company says it has "some way to go" to unicorn status. 

Interview: Tanya Little, Life Healthcare

One of South Africa's largest acute care groups is piloting a nurse-led, bricks and mortar but digitally managed, primary care model based in a retail unit. Confused? HBI speaks to group operations executive, Tanya Little, at Life Healthcare to find out more.

Sub-Saharan Africa ‘ready for investment’

HBI reports from the Sub-Saharan Africa panel at HBI 2019, where Teo Sarda, CEO of Sphera, Dr Shrey Viranna, CEO of Life, and Audrey Obara, head of healthcare for Swedfund, talked about how to sustainably invest in Africa. 

Can pan-Nordic synergies really exist?

Three of the Nordic's largest operators took to the stage at HBI 2019 to speak about pan-Nordic collaboration. Here's what Fredrik Gren, CEO of Ambea, Alexander Wennergren Helm, CEO of Aleris, and Yrjö Närnhinen, CEO of Terveystalo, said.

Everything digital at HBI 2019

If there was one overriding theme to come out of HBI 2019, it is that the future is digital - and in some cases, it's here. Ten per cent of Finland's population is registered to use Mehilainen's digital healthcare app, patients make 25k digital healthcare visits every month in Sweden, and 90% of the world's healthcare data has been created in the past two years.

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