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Interview: Michal Tzuchman Katz, CEO and founder of Kahun

The possibilities of AI in medicine are seemingly boundless, with many talking about its labour saving potential. Yet concerns persist, particularly with Chat GPT, and its black box LLM (large language model) system which is designed to mimic conversation but is not always factually accurate nor able to spot signs of acuity. By their nature, black box systems also cannot explain the conclusions they reach.

Fresenius to sell Curalie after De Meo’s discreet departure

Fresenius’ digital health subsidiary Curalie is reportedly up for sale, as the conglomerate’s CEO continues to win over investors, streamline the group, and replace management. Meanwhile HBI hears former Helios CEO Francesco De Meo may be unhappy with the circumstances of his departure - and could seek legal advice.

Helios CEO Francesco De Meo leaves with little fanfare

Fresenius Helios has a new CEO. Germany’s largest hospital group by revenue and subsidiary of Germany-based conglomerate Fresenius announced the news in a press release which ignores outgoing Francesco De Meo’s significant and longstanding contribution to the group.

Babylon saga reaches end

Digital unicorn-turned-mouse Babylon Health has placed two of its UK divisions into administration and reportedly sold its clinical services business to US digital health firm eMed Healthcare.

Buy or bust for Babylon UK?

Digital health unicorn-turned-mouse Babylon could still have buyers for its UK business, despite its recent difficulties.

Interview – Ingeborg Oie, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer, Huma 

In this wide ranging interview we discuss the future of remote patient monitoring (RPM) software and government progress in ehealth. Through its RPM platform,  Huma claims to massively cut costs and improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.

See the Global Top 50 by Market Cap

Who are the Global Top 50 Health Care Service Companies by market cap and what does this tell us about the industry? What is striking is how very few of the top 50 are now EMEA companies - just 13, and of those only four are headquartered in Europe, rather than the Middle East or South Africa. 

Beleaguered Babylon searches for UK buyer, closes in the US

Under fire digital health company Babylon is shutting down its US operations and looking to sell its UK business. Plans to merge with Swiss digital neurotherapy company MindMaze and be taken private by creditors have collapsed and it is now on the brink of bankruptcy.

Interview: Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, CEO and Founder, Proximie

HBI catches up with Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, the CEO and founder of global health technology platform Proximie to hear about how MedTech can improve surgical education and performance, address variations in quality of care, and bring the operating theatre into the 21st century.

75 years on: is the future of the NHS private?

The UK NHS was once globally revered, but cracks are showing as it marks seventy-five years and a question mark hangs over its future. HBI asks half a dozen experts what role for-profits have in its future - and whether it will it last another 75 years.

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