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Interview: Stefan Biesdorf, partner, health informatics and big data, McKinsey

Hospitals and insurers have been looking for consolidated digital health platforms ever since they grew tired of 'pilotitus' from a fragmented market. But what if they could become a central administrator to an "ecosystem" where thousands of start-ups become third-party plug-ins? Biesdorf is convinced that this is about to happen in Germany.

Digital homecare start-up buys Mears’ homecare

UK Digital homecare start-up Cera Care, founded in 2016, has acquired Mears Group's domiciliary care business in England and Wales. The company now claims to be the first company globally to use AI at scale in social care. We interview the co-founder and CEO about the deal, the company's strategy and its digital services.

State-owned pharmacy buys minority stake in Swedish telehealth provider

Sweden's state-owned pharmacy Apoteket has bought a 20% stake in one of Sweden's smaller digital health companies Doktor24 from Investor AB. The move comes as the country's telehealth sector is under pressure to become more integrated with physical healthcare providers.

Israel’s largest nursing firm in talks to takeover SHL Telemedicine

Shares at SIX listed SHL Telemedicine have jumped 9% at the confirmation that it is in talks for a possible takeover, with publicly listed Danal Group among the interested parties. HBI has increased its likelihood of a sale in the next 12 months to 85% in the HBI Pipeline.

Pension fund leads KRY’s €140m Series C

Canada's largest single-profession pension fund has become the lead investor in the KRY's €140m Series C funding round. HBI speculates on the investment, the valuation and future plans of Europe's largest digital health player.

FREE BLOG After Christmas come the New Year sales

Christmas is fast approaching, and hot on its heels, the New Year sales. Here at HBI, we like a high street deal as much as the next man, but it’s what’s in the healthcare services pipeline in 2020 that’s caught our eye today.

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