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Authorities order B2C retailers to halt antibody test sales

Regulatory body Public Health England (PHE) has ordered telehealth player Babylon to stop selling B2C antibody tests until it has established their accuracy. Supplier Abbott has already said that the test is not suitable for home sample collection but players are still scrambling to sell in what's likely to be a multi-billion market.

COVID-19 and Emerging Market healthcare

We talk to two of the world's largest investors in emerging market health care about Covid's likely impact. Despite so far much lower death rates, the initial effect on health care operators has been worse than in Europe. Covid is set to destroy several motors for growth such as healthcare tourism and the deployment of […]

Doctors queuing up to sell

After years of umming and ahhing, German doctors who own outpatient practices in areas like dentistry, imaging and ophthalmology are keen to sell. And deals continue to happen in spite of COVID.

How to mitigate the Filipino nurse lockdown

Over the past month, the Phillippines has made moves to prevent its nurses from leaving to join foreign workforces. Healthcare workforce expert Kate Tulenko says this sets a precedent for future and perhaps permanent blockades. HBI reveals her advice on how to mitigate the risk.

Booking data shows outpatient has all but stopped

Patient footfall for outpatient care across the world has all but stopped. Exclusive data from DocPlanner shows which specialities have seen the biggest drop in appointments booked and where telemedicine is really picking up some of the slack. We assess this against outpatient volumes in Singapore during SARS to see when it might pick up.

‘There is no deal for private sector to take UK NHS cancer patients’

Cancer companies in the UK do not have a contract with the NHS to take 20,000 public patients, despite an earlier report to the contrary in a UK broadsheet newspaper. Providers tell HBI that they fear that a mass of 'second-wave deaths' and look at how pressure might transform clinical pathways in oncology.

Exclusive prediction: Pandemic reaching turning point in Europe?

An exclusive analysis by Chinese insurance giant Ping An suggests COVID-19 cases could reach a turning point in the next few days, hitting the peak of new confirmed cases by later this week / early April,  with that figure set to fall thereafter.

Health care service write-offs drive losses at Bupa

Bupa, the global healthcare insurer and healthcare operator went from pre-tax profits of £502m in 2018 to a loss of £78m in 2019, thanks mainly to huge write-offs in its UK dentistry business and Australian care homes. But stripping out write-offs, underlying profitability still plunged 31%. Revenue rose just 4%. Why, and what does this tell us about Bupa and its future?

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