Evercare Lagos hospital to open in December

Evercare Group, the operating platform held by the (ex-Abraaj) $1bn Evercare Health Fund, aims to open its Lagos hospital in December this year, Evercare Group CEO Massimiliano Colella tells HBI.

NMC could sell by April 2021; Aspen/Eugin by January

NMC Health's administrators Alvarez & Marsal expect to complete a lender-led restructuring or sale of the group by April 2021, and sales of non-core assets - UK hospital chain Aspen Healthcare and international IVF group Eugin - much sooner. It's also revealed the COVID-19 impact on the group's healthcare services revenue.

Ramsay Sante’s Capio integration and finances paint a puzzling picture

It's been nearly two years since Australian-owned French hospital group Ramsay Sante completed the acquisition of Nordic-French acute care operator Capio. Contacts give HBI their assessment of how the integration is going and we take a look at Capio's performance since it was acquired. 

Valencia continues to dismantle Alzira model

The left has removed another hospital from the pioneering Alzira model, whereby a consortium of a for-profit payor, a provider and a property company is paid on a per capita basis to handle all the primary and secondary health care needs of 100,000-250,000 people.

Liberia during COVID: A case study for Africa?

A health crisis leading to an economic downturn and a political crisis. Here is a case study of how COVID has hit Liberia based on the view of Gyude Moore, senior policy fellow at the Centre for Global Development, and former Minister of Public Work speaking on Saturday (October 10).

Interview: Sofia Palmquist, CEO, Aleris

Pan-Nordic healthcare group Aleris lost its previous owner Investor AB nearly 1bn SEK (€90m) in its last nine months of ownership before PE group Triton acquired it in late 2019. New CEO Sofia Palmquist, pinched from competitor Capio, has been tasked with the turnaround and digitalisation of the company and gives HBI her first public interview since taking the job. 

Medgate plans accelerated rollout in Germany after Rhoen JV ends

Swiss telemedicine player Medgate tells HBI that the end of its joint venture with German hospital group Rhoen Klinikum will allow it to roll out faster in Germany after the Asklepios takeover slowed down the project. HBI also checks in on the partnerships between other big hospitals and their telemedicine partners.

Deploying new generation apps – 6 things health care operators must get right, and the 13 mistakes they often make

New tech promises to allow humans AI-driven health care conversations over text, voice, and email, leading to real dialogue and much more intelligent monitoring. Some of this stuff is here now.  Here are the six main cornerstones health care operators should know when deploying it, and the 13 big mistakes that affect health care operators when they try and do tech stuff.

Regulator: ‘Politics played no role’ in Mehilainen-Pihlajalinna decision

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's (FCCA) surprise decision to oppose the merger of Mehilainen and Pihlajalinna has nothing to do with the changing political climate around the privatisation of healthcare, its merger control director tells HBI. She also explains why you can't compare it to the merger of Terveystalo and Attendo in 2018. 

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