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Minority stake in $2bn Metro Pacific could put IPO back on the table

Investment firm Metro Pacific Investments Corp (MPIC) is reportedly preparing to sell a minority stake in its hospital business, the largest in the Philippines, in a deal that would value the company at $2bn or 15.8x 2019 expected EBITDA. HBI sources speculate that it could be the run-up to an IPO.

Private sector penetration of dialysis compared across EMEA

The latest addition to our Intelligence Centre, dialysis, is the only healthcare sector that has been successfully industrialised, internationalised and privatised by over half, across the EMEA markets we look at. There are four global haemodialysis (the bulk of dialysis) service operators, Fresenius Medical Care, B Braun, Diaverum and Davita (in order of geographical reach). But on the third measure, privatisation, the story is a varied one as shown in this week's infographic.

Medsi triples public work, targets IPO

Russian private healthcare operator Medsi tripled its work with the public payor in Q1 2018, growing revenues by half and nearly doubling margins. We talk owner Sistema about expanding Medsi outside of Moscow, and its IPO plans.

Indian hospitals building fewer beds

India's hospitals have all but stopped building beds in Tier I cities in the past two years, instead investing in smaller cities. HBI explores new bed growth data. 

Medlife has money to spend in CEE

Listed Romanian healthcare group Medlife says it has €20m to spend on new acquisitions in Romania and Hungary. Although it and for-sale competitor Regina Maria have both completed large domestic deals in the past month, the internationalisation effort probably highlights that most good assets in Romania have now been bought.

Hirslanden hospital closure looms as tariff and Canton reforms bite

Mediclinic-owned Swiss hospital group Hirslanden looks set to close a 28-bed hospital unless "alternative proposals" can be found, blaming tariff changes and moves by the local Canton. It is less than 1% of Hirslanden's sales but is the first casualty of the tariff reforms amongst the hospital market's big players. We talk to the CEOs of both Mediclinic International and Hirslanden about the closure and the Swiss market generally.

Centene to acquire control of Ribera Salud

Centene, the massive American third-party administrator, is increasing its 50% stake in Spanish health management group Ribera Salud to 90%. The deal, which is going through regulatory approval, values Ribera at €125-140m and could be a signal of more acquisitions outside the US as the health reform which helped it grow looks increasingly under attack by President Trump.

All change at IHH as CEO departure announced

Pan-Asian hospital group IHH Healthcare has announced its CEO will change at the end of 2019, a refinancing of up to $250m of non-Lira debt and its Fortis deal boosted Q1 2019 results, while its Turkish subsidiary Acibadem is reportedly eyeing an investment in London.

Singaporean group IPOs as it targets digital solutions

Alliance Healthcare Group, provider of primary care and specialist clinics, has joined around 16 Singaporean healthcare services companies listed in Singapore, in preparation for a digital overhaul of its healthcare services. We speak to a finance expert and the CEO of a digital healthcare platform about the move.

Opportunities in LATAM

Panellists on the LatAm panel at HBI 2019 see good opportunities in the region thanks to booming demand, particularly as demographics shift from rural to urban bases, and with the growth of the chronic and elderly care markets. Increasing use of digital health tools and better data, plus the growth of the consumer market are also seen as positive factors for the market.

Medical staff spending vs hospitalisation rates

This week we plot medical staff spending in France against total hospitalisation rates and explore how the numbers paint a picture of national sectors. What treatments cost businesses and payors the most in staff resources? Where are inpatient admissions the highest?

Ugandan government guarantees $380m loan for private hospital

The Ugandan government has sparked public outcry by guaranteeing a $380m loan to a private contractor from Italy to build and run a private hospital outside the capital Kampala. The country is estimated to be spending around $200m a year on treatment abroad, the majority on travel and non-medical expenses, and a few years ago […]

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