Even prenatal admissions are down in Kenya

Small and medium healthcare facilities across Sub-Sarahan Africa are facing liquidation with Africa Healthcare Federation reporting an average 40% revenue drop in March. Even the maternity sector, which has held steady in Europe, has seen fewer admissions in Kenya.

Pandemic sparks nationalisation talks in Ireland

The Irish government is reportedly considering buying and nationalising some of the country's 19 private hospitals to help increase bed capacity in the public system. HBI talks to public and private hospital sources for and against it. 

Many CEE markets to crash as remittances drop

Private healthcare markets in CEE/Southeast Europe are set to crash this year due to economic contractions at home and abroad, with many countries highly reliant on remittance money from abroad.

Netcare reveals 45% revenue drop for April

Netcare, one of South Africa's 'Big Three' private hospital groups, says that April revenues dropped 45% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the first financial disclosures by a listed hospital group for a full month of national lockdown. 

Alvarez & Marsal to sell NMC’s fertility arm

NMC Health Plc’s administrators have started selling off parts of the business according to Bloomberg with an auction of the fertility business as early as June. Consultants Alvarez & Marsal who are handling the business have invited bids for NMC’s distribution business according to the article. Potential acquirers have been asked to submit offers this […]

What does COVID-19 mean for US health groups’ global activity?

As the COVID-19 pandemic reduces international travel to a trickle, what are the short and long-term implications for the international collaborative activities of large US Academic Medical Centres (AMCs) like Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, UPMC and Johns Hopkins? We talk to Dr Heitham Hassoun, now at Cedars-Sinai but previously at Johns Hopkins where he helped create its JV in Saudi Arabia, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare. He shares his thoughts on the latter.

Interview: Rodolphe Eurin, CEO, La Tour Medical Group

How do you grow 5-10% year-on-year in the flat Swiss hospital market? We talk to the CEO of La Tour Medical Group, a large for-profit hospital in Geneva. Eurin claims it is the only one to put value-based healthcare at the top of its strategy and has unique payment-for-outcomes agreements with the medtech industry.

COVID-19 and Emerging Market healthcare

We talk to two of the world's largest investors in emerging market health care about Covid's likely impact. Despite so far much lower death rates, the initial effect on health care operators has been worse than in Europe. Covid is set to destroy several motors for growth such as healthcare tourism and the deployment of […]

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