HBI 2021: More dentists seeing value in platforms

Demand for and interest in dental services from patients and investors continues to rise, with increased respect for dental platforms and a heightened awareness of aesthetic procedures.

HBI 2021: Fertility resilient to Covid with huge scope to consolidate

Infertility is up, maternity in many regions is down - and the global fertility market is continuing on an upwards trajectory largely untouched by Covid. It remains a hot ticket when it comes to M&A - though issues with regulation and staffing are causing some headaches. 

Market conditions right for Unilabs to sell

HBI hears rumour that pan-European laboratory and imaging group Unilabs could sell soon. We explore how its private equity owner Apax could make a much-anticipated exit. 

Homecare wages rise as vacancies jump sixfold

Wages in Europe's domiciliary care market have risen up to 15% as the sector scrambles for staff, driven by a sixfold jump in empty vacancies and better protections for governments. This will likely signal a care cost inflation across the continent as one operator tells HBI that the costs will be passed on to the customer.

EMEA’s Top 100 largest groups by revenue revealed

HBI’s inaugural HBI Health Care Services Top 100 lists the largest 100 companies by EMEA health care services revenue. In total revenue their revenue came to over €105bn - and we've uncovered some surprising winners and losers. 

IVIRMA buys CREATE Fertility as it looks to expand abroad

Global reproductive specialist IVI RMA has acquired CREATE Fertility and low-cost specialist abc IVF in what it says is the UK's largest IVF deal. HBI speaks to Praful Nargund, CREATE's managing director, to find out more about its big plans for international expansion.

Debate on capping for-profit fees rages in Nordics

Whether profit making in the adult care sector should be capped, or the entire sector simply nationalised, is a hot topic in Sweden and Denmark at the moment. HBI speaks to market experts to find out more.

Why the low margin Danish nursing home sector is attracting attention

Denmark is a relatively small market, with a population of less than six million, and like the rest of the Nordics its politics can often be very hostile to for-profit operators. Despite this, the for-profit care home sector is growing despite relatively low returns. HBI talks to two market experts about the appeal and development of the Danish nursing home sector.

Politics and poor tariffs hamper Danish homecare market

Variation in homecare tariffs across the Danish municipalities is making growth in the for-profit sector difficult and forcing consolidation of smaller companies that cannot price match, HBI hears from several sources.

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