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FREE The lessons from machine learning and AI

A few weeks ago we reported on how clinic chain Fullerton in Singapore has managed to cut the costs for providing healthcare for employees in large accounts by 10-15% by deploying machine learning/AI to scan big data sets. This exercise revealed huge wastage and fraud. Fullerton also claims its program can predict medical outcomes far more accurately than falible human doctors. So who else is doing this stuff today?

Unilabs buys genetics lab network

Pan-European laboratory chain Unilabs has bought CGC Genetics, a medical genetics testing company in Portugal. Philipp Manser, CFO at Unilabs, tells Healthcare Europa that the group wants to position itself as a reference medical genetics provider.

Nicola Bedin quits at San Donato

Nicola Bedin, 40 year-old CEO of big Italian hospital group San Donato has quit “to pursue other entrepreneurial activities”.

Three key future trends for UK private healthcare

Expect more STPs (Sustainability and Transformation Plans), more self-pay and more salaried hospital doctors in the UK. That’s according to several speakers at the Private Healthcare Summit in London.

WhatClinic targets ten-fold growth in German enquiries

Ireland-based private clinic comparison website WhatClinic has spent €1m on the launch of a new sister platform in German in the hope to attract more patients seeking treatment abroad. The group tells Healthcare Europa it expects a ten-fold growth in the number of enquiries from patients in Germany in the first year.

Mehilainen on course for IPO

The private equity owners of Finland's largest healthcare group Mehilainen have tasked JP Morgan with testing the M&A waters, but a public listing in Helsinki remains the most likely outcome.

Interview: Roman Rittweger, founder and CEO Ottonova

Having raised almost €40m, the first entirely digital private insurer is about to launch in Germany. So what is the strategy behind the product, and what does it tell us about digital and health care services?