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Unilabs finalises high multiple acquisition

Pan-European Switzerland-based lab group Unilabs has finalised the acquisition of a smaller French competitor, Biopath, for what we think is the highest multiple the consolidating French lab market has seen so far. Healthcare Europa names the price. 

Garofalo’s IPO likely to worry Big Three

Family-owned Italian hospital and nursing home operator Garofalo's listing on the Milan Stock exchange fetched a smaller price than market watchers may have expected. What does its multiple mean for the trio of Italian groups waiting in the wings to IPO?

Centene bets on the survival of the Alzira model

Spanish hospital group Ribera Salud is going back to its Spanish PPP roots with the acquisition of a hospital (through its owner Centene) in Madrid, despite recently looking to Eastern Europe and LatAm for profits after its core, Alzira model ran into difficulty in Valencia.

UK outsourcing partnership could be a lucrative new model

The UK's biggest healthcare outsourcer has struck a partnership with a hospital trust in the southwest of the country to take on all non-emergency orthopaedic procedures. It is the first example of a promising model for private providers which could soon become more widespread.

Retreating NHS leads to growth in private dermatology market

The medical dermatological market in the UK is worth £2bn and growing 10% annually. Demand is high, but we hear stretched NHS resources have been reducing supply. Earlier in the year, the NHS announced it would stop funding some procedures including the removal of benign skin lesions, and waiting lists for dermatological treatments are growing. We speak to a UK-based PE firm about resulting growth in the  UK private dermatological market.

Falck and co-investors offer entree to Russian hospital market

We talk to the Chairman of the Falck Vladivostok Hospital who says the international emergency care provider and co-investors are looking to sell and that there’s a bargain to be had for the willing buyer. Whilst an ambitious plan to build a Pan-Russian chain of budget hospitals was abandoned by the current investors, that plan could still offer an entree to the fast-growing Russian market.

Interview: Ravi Gidar, CEO of Gold Care Homes, on UK elderly care

Elderly care providers in the UK have a tough market to navigate. While the sector awaits a government Green Paper consultation document this autumn, we interview the owner of mid-market player Gold Care Homes, Ravi Gidar, on what his plans are going forward.