New AI act could stifle EU innovation – but benefit the UK

After 38 hours of deliberation, a long-awaited deal has finally been reached in Brussels. HBI speaks to three market experts to understand what the AI Act - the comprehensive European framework for AI innovation and regulation - could mean for the future of healthcare in Europe.

Hungary: high risk, high reward

The Hungarian hospital market is growing at 10% per year nominally, with some of the biggest players outstripping this. With such rapid growth and growing demand the potential reward for investors is great – but with this also comes big risks.

Hungary’s health care sector boosted by new state-of-the-art TritonLife lab

TritonLife, Hungary’s largest private hospital group, has significantly boosted the country’s diagnostic testing capacity by opening a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Budapest. The group tells HBI it will eventually have the capacity to process 10 million tests per year, including many which previously had to be sent abroad to be processed. As well as providing an in-house diagnostics service to the group’s own patients, TritonLife has agreed to provide testing services to more than 20 other private health care providers in the country.

HBI 2023: Managing your costs in challenging times

Rising costs from inflation, wages, and energy are indiscriminately hitting the health care sector and despite government support packages being pledged, the road ahead looks arduous. So how do providers control costs, and what are the strategies to keep costs at bay?

HBI 2023: The outpatient differential

For years there has been a trend towards using outpatient services wherever possible - to improve patient outcomes, to better use an increasingly scarce workforce, and to increase cost efficiency. On the “Outpatient differential” panel at HBI 2023, how this push looks across the world was a key topic for discussion.

Diaverum deal: An analysis

Last week the news broke that Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala Investment Co might be set to buy Swedish multinational dialysis firm Diaverum for a reported $2.5bn. HBI speaks to an operator source who thinks this would be a good price for the seller - and hears why some investors are switched off by dialysis.

Government pressure could see mass resignations of Hungarian doctors

The Hungarian government has demonised the Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK) after the doctor's union warned its members not to sign up to an on-call system for GPs. It sparks fresh concerns of a workforce exodus at a time when patients are increasingly turn to private care - and could be a boon for for-profits.

Softened Hungarian reform still risks workforce exodus

The Hungarian government has removed from its proposed new health care law the requirement that private doctors would need to work at least 20 hours a month in the public sector. However, the rest of the controversial reform remains unaltered.

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