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Building brand awareness of regional centres of excellence

Patients often feel they have to travel hundreds of miles to capital cities to get the best treatment. UPMC International, part of the huge US academic medical center, found this applied to the Whitfield cancer treatment centre in the far south of Ireland. It confronted this head-on with its "I chose to have my cancer treatment close to home campaign" and a re-branding of the entire operation. The application looks at precisely how UPMC, and its partners, built the campaign and with what results.

Programme that minimises radiation doses for CT scans

CT scans, particularly in emergency settings, can generate high doses of radiation. Affidea has rolled out a programme across its 235 centres in 16 countries which prescribes levels for 72 different CT scans. This is based on its database of 75,000 examinations a month. This has led to Affidea creating 105 unified protocols to standardize operating procedures for CT scans. This program is key to Affidea’s strategy for winning international tenders.

French company to buy Mater Private in Ireland

Paris-based infrastructure fund Infravia is buying Irish hospital group Mater Private from US fund HarbourVest. Healthcare Europa speaks to an Irish source familiar with the deal.

Interview: Giuseppe Recchi, CEO and Rowland Illing, CMO, Affidea

In a wide-ranging interview, we look at Affidea’s strategy and view of the market covering everything from partnerships with AI outfits, elite hospitals and payors through to the growth of private pay and the opportunities to manage entire health systems. How will the imaging services and radiotherapy group with HBI estimated sales of around €370m in 2017 grow and build over the next five years?

Interview: Dr Bruno Gridelli, Senior Vice President, UPMC International

How do you build an international business delivering high-quality specialist care working with governments, public payors, regions and for-profit operators? UPMC, the big US academic medical centre, has done just this in four very different countries: Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan and China. We talk to Dr Gridelli about the business model and challenges.

Affidea launches new emergency/primary care concept

Affidea, the big Pan-European imaging services group, has launched the first of its ExpressCare clinics in Cork, Ireland's second city, followings its recent acquisition of FonixMed, a chain of occupational healthcare clinics in Hungary. The new drop-in centre offers minor emergency and primary care. So what lies behind the concept and how fast is it likely to spread. And what other primary care model are there in Europe? 

Are you ready for GDPR?

The clock is ticking for businesses to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on May 25. Healthcare Europa talks to Aetna International's CIO Alan Payne to find out what the data handling regulations mean for healthcare insurers and operators, and the challenges on the path to compliance.

Interview: Richard Banks, Virtus Health

Australia-based fertility network Virtus Health Limited runs a series of clinics in Ireland, is making inroads in Denmark, and has a presence in Singapore. Healthcare Europa talks to European MD Richard Banks about strategy, expansion, and the market.

Interview: Dr Rajgopal Thirumalai, Vice President, Global Medical & Occupational Health, Unilever

Unilever runs a global health and prevention programme in over 90 countries for its 169,000  employees. How? What does Dr Thirumalai (known as Dr Raj) think of the private healthcare services sector? And what changes does he expect in the future? And what does he expect from digital health and AI? Dr Raj is also a non-executive independent director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise and a speaker at HBI 2018 on April 10-11 in London.