New AI act could stifle EU innovation – but benefit the UK

After 38 hours of deliberation, a long-awaited deal has finally been reached in Brussels. HBI speaks to three market experts to understand what the AI Act - the comprehensive European framework for AI innovation and regulation - could mean for the future of healthcare in Europe.

Eugin sells for €500m

Healthcare conglomerate Fresenius has sold Eugin, its Spain-based fertility business, to KKR-owned fertility group IVI RMA and Spain-based asset management firm GED for €500m including earn-outs.

iCON buys Alliance Medical

The longstanding bidding war for pan-European diagnostic firm Alliance Medical Group is over, with iCON Infrastructure confirmed as the new buyer. The £910m deal ends months of speculation. HBI asks a UK-based consultant what this means for the market.

Alliance Medical sale “imminent”

HBI hears that the longstanding sale of UK diagnostic firm Alliance Medical Group is imminent, with two bidders left in the process and pan-European operator Affidea tipped to be the front-runner. We speak to three market experts to find out more about the deal which is being valued at around $800m-$1bn.

Orpea likely looking to sell in Belgium

Orpea Belgium’s 2022 results are public, and it doesn’t look good. Having suffered a historic loss approaching €400 million last year and with Orpea looking to sell its non core business, we ask a market expert whether and when divestment there looks likely.

Aedifica finds buyers for Orpea’s Brussels homes

Belgium-based real estate specialist Aedifica has confirmed the sale of five of its nine Orpea homes, all located in Brussels. The news confirms previous speculation that Belgium was next on the French nursing home’s divestment list from a €1.2bn chunk of its real estate portfolio.

Orpea sells in Austria and the Netherlands

The ongoing sale of significant parts of French nursing home operator Orpea’s €1.2bn real estate portfolio has expanded to Austria and the Netherlands. As newly released H1 figures show low occupancy rates in France, HBI speaks to three market experts to gauge the current state of affairs for the French giant looking to bounce back from its recent troubled history.

Orpea-tunity in Italian nursing homes?

As French nursing home operator Orpea considers which countries it might exit, sources are speculating that Italy could be on its hitlist. If that happens, opportunities could open up for middle size players to make their mark. HBI speaks to two market experts to find out more.

Low key Latvia sale kicks off Orpea refocusing

Last week, French nursing home operator Orpea initiated the start of the partial sale of its €1.2bn real estate portfolio, commencing with its Latvian presence - a singular retirement home in Riva. This low key sale marks the first small step in a major three-year plan to refocus its geographies. HBI speaks to a market expert to find out more.

Orpea pledges to pay in full as restructuring rumours continue

French elderly care giant Orpea continues to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Over the last week, dozens of facilities were raided by the French authorities, talk continues to be rife about restructuring and potential exits, and contrary to previous assertions HBI understands the group now intends to pay back the full €56m owed to the state.

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