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Romanians turns down Acibadem

We hear that a big Romanian healthcare service group recently turned down a bid from Acibadem, the Turkish (and now Bulgarian) hospital group owned by IHH, the Pan-Asian hospital group. Meanwhile, the Bucharest hospital market is hotting up.

Hope for tariffs in Portugal

Portuguese for-profit operators say they are optimistic that the leftist government will not introduce swingeing tariff cuts. 

Philips buys stake in Med360

Imaging giant Philips has bought a stake in Med360, Germany's largest imaging service provider. Such vertical integration has long been talked about but is now becoming reality. 

Paracelsus fails to find buyer

Paracelsus, the German and Swiss hospital and reha business has so far failed to find a buyer. Potential buyers say the group which is in the German equivalent of Chapter 11 is overpriced.

Natalie Douglas quits Healthcare at Home

The CEO of Healthcare at Home, the high revenue, low margin medicalised homecare giant with billions in revenue in the UK and a sales presence in DACH, has stepped down.

Rhoen plans campus hospitals

Rhoen Klinikum is to get an extra €15m a year for 2017 and annually hereafter until at least 2021 from the state of Hesse for its research and teaching work at Giessen and Marburg, the only privatised University hospital in Germany. CEO Stefan Holzinger's new strategy is to persuade outpatient specialists to move their offices to Rhoen outpatient units to create more referrals in its specialist hospitals and a better patient experience. But 2017 saw an adjusted GAAP EBITDA margin of only 8.1%, low compared to the mid-teens achieved by bigger rivals such as Helios and Sana.

Ribera Salud appoints ex-UK healthcare minister Alan Milburn

Ribera Salud, the Spanish hospital management company which is majority owned by US giant Centene Corporation has appointed Alan Milburn, a former Labour Minister of Health to its board. What does this tell us about its plans for the UK?