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KKR-backed Radiant Life buys stake in Max Healthcare

As Healthcare Europa predicted in January, KKR-backed Mumbai-based hospital chain Radiant Life Care is to buy the entire 49.7% stake held by South African giant Life Healthcare in Max Healthcare Institute.

Aetna International invests in luxury telehealth service to attract Indian custom

Global insurer Aetna International has been running telehealth through partners around the world for a long time. But in June it decided to launch its own telehealth platform and run its own operations. The company claims to have a million customers on its books but has only run 30,000 consultations. Why, and what is it doing about this?

Brazil’s largest HMO acquires competitor

Amil, Brazil's largest insurance and hospital operator, has acquired competitor and medical insurance company Sobam Group. We speak to a market expert to find out more.

Winners and losers revealed in Dubai

A recent report shows which for-profit hospital groups in Dubai are doing well and which are doing badly. The Saudi groups fall into the "could do better" category with bed occupancy rates around 20%. And Dubai's massive Dubai Healthcare City project is more than a little peaky.

FREE BLOG The secret of Israeli healthcare

It is ironic that conferences on best practice in healthcare are dominated by Americans - the people who have the world's most dysfunctional healthcare system. Israel and Taiwan are much better bets. So how do they do it? After all, Israel in 2016 spent just 7% of GDP on healthcare, compared to 17% in the […]

FREE BLOG M&A is set to go Pan-Latam

There are relatively few Pan-Latam operators of any scale. The big exception is the integrated healthcare management organisations being built by UnitedHealth which is now the largest hospital operator in Brazil and Chile with positions in another half dozen countries. We think that is about to change.