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Dutch care staff awarded pay hikes to compete with temp agencies

In a bid to compete with temporary agencies, elderly care staff in the Netherlands as set to receive salary hikes of 5% this October - with another 5% increase again in 2024. HBI speaks to one Dutch sector expert to understand the reasoning behind the move and ask if will it have the desired effect.

Orpea sells in Austria and the Netherlands

The ongoing sale of significant parts of French nursing home operator Orpea’s €1.2bn real estate portfolio has expanded to Austria and the Netherlands. As newly released H1 figures show low occupancy rates in France, HBI speaks to three market experts to gauge the current state of affairs for the French giant looking to bounce back from its recent troubled history.

HBI 2023 Panel: Opportunities in Nursing Homes

As ageing populations collide with a shrinking workforce, nursing homes face an uncertain future. Covid thrust this oft taken-for-granted sector into the spotlight and in the wake of recent scandals in France, three experts weighed in on opportunities and trends in nursing homes at HBI 2023. 

HBI 2023 Panel: The Homecare Technology Revolution

When election seasons roll around, reforming social care is often allegedly at the top of party agendas, yet care systems across Europe remain chronically underfunded and under stress. In an HBI 2023 panel entitled ‘The homecare technology revolution’, three business founders shared how technology and their business models are disrupting the home care sector.

HBI 2023 Panel: Investing in Healthcare Property

With energy prices soaring, material costs rising, and care increasingly turning digitised,  panellists at HBI 2023 London explored what investment in brick and mortar looks like in the current climate as part of a session titled ‘investing in healthcare property’.  Here we highlight the four key takeaways from the session.

HBI 2023: Healthcare regulation – opportunities and risks

Regulatory changes are one of the major concerns among players in healthcare services. A busy panel of lawyers, operators and investors considered this thorny issue at HBI 2023, with a general feeling that even the strictest of regulations can provide some kind of opportunity, and that private funding is so essential a component in health care today, it cannot be legislated away.

Is Orpea set to sell up in Belgium?

Multiple sources tell HBI that French nursing home operator Orpea is looking to sell up in Belgium, as it looks to sell off a chunk of its 1.2bn real estate portfolio. HBI also hears more speculation on the ongoing country-by-country review.

Flagler seeks European investments

US-based healthcare real estate investment company Flagler Healthcare Investments is eyeing up opportunities in the big five European markets. Undeterred by high levels of regulation and hyper fragmentation, the German market is of particular interest.

17 things we learned at HBI 2023: Our key insights and takeaways

Our annual conference took place earlier this week in London. Over a jam-packed three days of HBI 2023, an impressive array of delegates from across Europe and beyond gathered in the heart of London and shared their insights into the myriad challenges and abundant opportunities the sector faces, and offered their views on how some of them might be addressed. Here are some of our key takeaways.

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