CEE – a land of opportunity?

With 125 million people - 80 million of whom live in the big four (Poland, Romania, Czechia and Hungary) - CEE is a large and diverse market. But is it a tempting one? HBI-365 members heard an expert panel in our CEE State of the Regions broadcast suggest that while COVID is creating huge problems across the world, it is also creating opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

DACH operators should feel positive about 2021

Despite one of the panellists at HBI's DACH-State of the Regions broadcast last week labelling 2020 "the wildest year in recent history in the healthcare sector", there are lots of reasons to feel positive about Europe's German-speaking countries as we look towards the new year.

Operators in Russia and ex-CIS hit hard by COVID

State financing has seen little growth in expenditure in Russia over the last couple of years, while former CIS countries are struggling to fund robust healthcare systems. Despite this, panellists at HBI's Russia and Former CIS - State of the Regions discussion last week found some reasons to be positive.

Second wave of state financial support for private hospitals

Governments across Western Europe are re-instating financial support for private hospitals involved in the second wave pandemic response. Some are treating COVID patients for the first time as hospitalisations soar above first wave numbers, but support packages are heavily-adjusted from those in spring. We talk to operators in Italy, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland and provide an update on the UK and France.

Interview: Javier Román, CEO, Clece

Clece is one of Spain's largest homecare providers and is also present in the UK, with total domiciliary care sales of over €400m in 2019. HBI gets a snapshot of the business and its views on sector challenges from CEO Javier Román.

Analysis: which listed care providers are recovering best?

Why are listed Nordic care providers' share prices seeing a faster recovery than other European counter parts? And how has each operator weathered the storm? HBI takes a deep dive into the financials to deliver an exclusive analysis as providers prepare their Q3 results.

COVID-19: The view from Africa

Africa needs to come together to find a solution to the COVID crisis, which has proved to be as much an economic one as a healthcare one - and cannot and should not rely on help from outside. This was the view of an expert panel which convened online to discuss COVID-19, healthcare more generally, and African economics.

Liberia during COVID: A case study for Africa?

A health crisis leading to an economic downturn and a political crisis. Here is a case study of how COVID has hit Liberia based on the view of Gyude Moore, senior policy fellow at the Centre for Global Development, and former Minister of Public Work speaking on Saturday (October 10).

Interview: Sanjeev Kanoria, Advinia Healthcare

HBI talks to Sanjeev Kanoria, founder and chairman of UK-based care home specialist Advinia Healthcare, about how COVID has affected his business, funding support, and the affect of Brexit on issues like recruitment.

Covid grows the lab market in 2020

HBI Intelligence is now forecasting that most European lab markets will be larger in 2020, than our pre-Covid forecasts. That is despite deep dips in March and April, with some groups thinking about firing two-thirds of their staff and defaulting on rent.

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