HBI 2021: Bright future for subscription model in Central and Eastern Europe

As Central and Eastern Europe gets richer, demand for healthcare services is growing faster than government spending, so there is a large opportunity for the private sector to fill the gap with private-pay. There is a lot of hope around the growth in popularity of the subscription model, which many employers seem to have a preference for over traditional health insurance. 

EMEA’s Top 100 largest groups by revenue revealed

HBI’s inaugural HBI Health Care Services Top 100 lists the largest 100 companies by EMEA health care services revenue. In total revenue their revenue came to over €105bn - and we've uncovered some surprising winners and losers. 

Interview: Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe

Cigna now describes itself as “a global health service company” rather than an insurer and has reorganised its European operations. Toor has recently been promoted to CEO Europe. He says that the insurer, which has 15% (US$840m) of its revenue in Europe, doesn't want to verticalise through owning primary care providers but wants instead to provide an end-to-end user experience.

FREE BLOG New HBI pipeline tool reveals long-held investments 

Nearly a third of all private equity-owned health care businesses in Europe have been held for at least five years, according to the new HBI Deals Pipeline tool. That suggests many private equity houses are struggling to sell on their investments.

Romania’s largest healthcare group looks abroad

Listed Romanian healthcare group Medlife is looking to neighbouring countries for expansion, says its CEO. We analyse the opportunity in the four that he singled out, each of which is ripe for consolidation.

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