EU’s AI Act gets the greenlight from the European Commission

Despite opposition, the AI Act seems to be ploughing ahead right on schedule. This week, two key groups of lawmakers - the European Commission's civil liberties (LIBE) and internal market (IMCO) committees - gave their overwhelming support for the new law, which should come into force this summer.

EU states approve AI Act

In December, European policymakers gathered in Brussels to hash out the first framework for AI regulation. Despite threats to derail it, all 27 EU member states have now given it a collective thumbs up - but concerns around overregulation, bureaucracy, and the stifling of innovation remain. 

New AI act could stifle EU innovation – but benefit the UK

After 38 hours of deliberation, a long-awaited deal has finally been reached in Brussels. HBI speaks to three market experts to understand what the AI Act - the comprehensive European framework for AI innovation and regulation - could mean for the future of healthcare in Europe.

Should new Slovakian government worry investors?

Robert Fico has formed a government in Slovakia. The former prime minister, who leads the centre-left populist party SMER, has formed a coalition with Hlas and the nationalist SNS Party. Given his track record, this could worry investors. Should it?

Fico returns in Slovakia – should investors be worried?

Just in time for Halloween, Robert Fico is back. The former Slovakian prime minister who tried to renationalise insurer Dôvera has led his populist centre-left party to win the most seats in Slovakia’s 2023 elections. But a Slovak operator source tells HBI the private sector need not worry as even if Fico forms a government, it is unlikely to be the horror show some fear.

Germany cuts red tape to recruit outside EU

This summer, a new immigration reform was passed to make it easier for workers from non-EU countries to relocate to Germany. An Indian organisation plans to train 2,000 nurses for the German market. HBI speaks to experts to find out who will make the most of the changes and if it’s the best course of action to combat labour shortages.

PP in Valencia defends Alzira model

For-profit hospital group Ribera Salud says that having won the May 2023 elections, the new Partido Popular (PP) administration in Valencia is keen to protect and grow the Alzira model that was being dismantled by the previous leftist government. Meanwhile, Ribera is growing in the Middle East.

Penta’s fight with Slovak government continues

The Slovak government is refusing to allow the state-owned National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to pay for any treatments at Bory Hospital - the new €250m, 400-bed facility that Penta Hospitals International (owned by Penta Investments) has recently opened in Bratislava. The refusal marks another round in the battle between Penta and the Slovak state.

Cinven looks to take Synlab private as Covid boost falters

Frankfurt-listed Synlab could be about to be taken private following a non-binding full takeover offer earlier this week. With its full year results released yesterday and facing questions about its plans, HBI asks market experts what they think of the move.

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