Brunninger, Martin


The New Covid-19 Policymaking Landscape

Healthcare has become far more important politically. So governments have become far more proactive and big data sets enable them, often for the first time, to systematically target vulnerable groups with high rates of co-morbidity with new programmes. What are the implications of these revolutionary changes? Confirmed speakers include: Markus Siebert, Abbott Martin Brunninger, Department […]

Digital Transformation 2: AI & Data Analytics – The Step Change

Better analysis of data has the ability to transform health care systems, with massive efficiency savings. They also enable governments to target specific groups far more easily. This wide-ranging session looks at the issues that a specific country Austria has encountered and how they have been tackled and also explores how AI ecosystems are developing […]

Medtech and Services

Many medtech players are adding new services in consultancy and implementation. In Saudi Arabia, Africa and Turkey big medtech is sometimes providing entire solutions including service elements. Medtronic has moved into the provision and running of cath labs in Europe. Philips has bought a stake in a service provider in Germany. Many of these new […]

Where we are now

How do governments see health care in the wake of Covid? What strategies will they pursue and how does it change the relationship with the for-profit sector?  These are the questions we answer in this 90-minute session. 8.00-8.15  Perspectives from a government trailbazer Austria is an early adopter of electronic patient records and has seen […]

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