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FREE BLOG Covid fears being replaced by familiar worries

As the threat posed by Covid largely recedes in most European countries and beyond, the collective attention of those working in healthcare services has returned to the familiar challenges which never went away, but were masked by the more immediate and headline-grabbing threat of the pandemic. Three immediately spring to mind following HBI 2022 this week: 1) Finances, and the threat of recession. 2) Where to find staff, and how to retain them. 3) The rise of the importance of the patient experience.

FREE BLOG Did we get Covid vaccination wrong?

There will be many aspects of the world’s response to Covid-19 that will be debated for years to come. Were governments too rash and draconian in their imposition of lockdowns? Or were they too slow and hesitant, costing thousands of lives? Was it appropriate to more or less completely halt elective care for months on end? Or was this unavoidable to prevent hospitals overflowing? Was it right to ban relatives from saying goodbye to their quarantined loved ones, or to effectively put mental health patients in solitary confinement (as happened in many NHS trusts in the UK)? How effective were mandates to wear masks in public places? 

FREE BLOG Ever decreasing primary care circles

In many countries, getting to see a GP is no easy feat. In a British Social Attitudes survey in 2020, around 51% of people agreed that "it was hard to get an appointment with a GP".

FREE BLOG The monitoring revolution is happening now

Perhaps the most striking conversation we had at the EIT Health conference in Stockholm this week was with Hans Danneels at Belgian startup Byteflies which sells digital monitoring solutions for Covid, coronary and epilepsy that enable patients to stay at home.

FREE BLOG A new threat emerges as Covid recedes

At the start of the year as people increasingly learned to live with the threat of Covid, there was a general feeling of optimism. Deals were being done. Travel resumed. It was business as usual - with some pent-up demand to boot. But with medical costs rising, a new row is brewing that could derail all this good will.

FREE BLOG Who owns your medical data?

Who owns your medical data? Are you happy for researchers and policy makers to have access to your records, and content they have been sufficiently redacted so as to render you anonymous? And is that even the point – it is still your data after all, isn’t it?

FREE BLOG These aren’t green shoots of recovery. This is a tree

If anyone was looking for green shoots of recovery in the healthcare services M&A, they wouldn't have had to look very far this week. Deals for European imaging and cancer treatment provider Affidea and fast-growing German and Swiss ophthalmology group Sanoptis, together with a multi-billion euro bid for Australia-based multinational hospital giant Ramsay Health Care are set to give the sector a real boost.

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