European Dental Group “up for sale soon”

HBI hears that pan-European and dentist-led European Dental Group (EDG) could be up for sale soon. HBI takes a look at the business and possible pricing at a time when dentistry continues to be a hot ticket.

CEOs change at Maisons de Famille

Philippe Tapié  has retired as CEO of Maisons de Famille, the European elderly care and nursing home group. He remains on the board of the firm’s Italian division.

Ramsay deal may unblock

Media reports suggest that Ramsay Santé, the 53%-owned continental European arm of Ramsay Health Care, may relent and allow KKR to carry out due diligence which would enable it to complete on its AU$88 a share bid. But investors were not convinced with the shares languishing at AU$69.84 at close of play.

Icade Santé buys in Spain, and sells in France

French REIT Icade Santé is on a buying and selling spree. On June 30, the company finalised the purchase of Spanish care facilities for €60 million. Two days before it sold four healthcare facilities in France for €78 million.

Ramsay may sell French subsidiary to ease the path for KKR takeover

The Australia-based multinational hospital group Ramsay may sell its share in French subsidiary Ramsay Santé so private equity firm KKR’s proposed AU$88 per share takeover of the group doesn't come under fire from France’s competition authority – but this raises issues with the deal.

Vivalto Sante goes international with expansion into Portugal and Switzerland

Vivalto Sante, the third largest for-profit hospital group in France, is joining the likes of Fresenius, Ramsay and Mediclinic as it becomes the latest member of the highly select club of multinational hospital groups. As well as having bought a chain of three clinics in Switzerland, it is buying Lusiadas Saude, the third largest hospital group in Portugal. CEO Daniel Caille tells HBI that the decision to go international has nothing to do with opportunities for consolidation within the French market drying up.

3R buys in Switzerland and looks at France

Naxicap-owned imaging group 3R Réseau Radiologique Romand has bought IRIS Radiologie and is eyeing up France. Germany and Italy are also possibles, HBI hears.

HBI 2022: Dementia care clearly insufficient

The inexorable rise in the need for dementia care dominated the elderly care panel discussion at HBI 2022, whilst the global staffing crisis was also, inevitably, on the agenda. Is enough being done to prepare for the sharp rise in dementia patients expected in the coming years, and how are groups dealing with the war for talent? 

Why Westminster NHS systems fail

Profound pessimism about NHS plans for integrated health and with NHS systems in the UK and Canada was on display from academics at the European Health Policymakers Group which celebrated its 21st year in an afternoon looking at what the group had learnt studying Beveridge (NHS) and Bismarckian (statutory insurer) models.

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