Interview: Julien Samson CEO Groupe Maisons de Famille

Julien Samson, recently appointed CEO of the European care homes group Groupe Maisons de Famille, has some creative ideas on how to manage the business. In the face of industry-wide criticism and concern following hard-hitting headlines about rivals Orpea and Korian, he still believes the industry can find ways to cope with the persistent pandemic, the energy crisis and inflationary recession.

Tariff cuts to return to French labs sector 

The French statutory insurer is reported to be seeking tariff cuts for the labs sector which could exceed €200m. Any cuts will be announced on Monday, September 26, in the government’s Social Security Budget.

EDG for sale, while Dentex sells

As exclusively predicted by HBI at the start of August, pan-European and dentist-led European Dental Group (EDG) is up for sale.

KKR-Ramsay deal looks to be off (again)

The seemingly ill-fated takeover of Australia-based international hospital group Ramsay seems to fallen apart after the consortium led by PE firm KKR refused to amend its second offer which Ramsay called “meaningfully inferior”.

Orpea to pay France €25.7m

French multinational care group Orpea has agreed to pay back €25.7m of the €55.8m which the French government says it is owed. The company has also decided to sell €2bn of property.  Its shares continue to bounce around €20-25, down from over €100 pre-scandal.

Ramsay rejects new KKR bid after poor results

The acquisition of multinational Australian hospital giant Ramsay Health Care by a consortium led by US PE firm KKR looks likely to fall through, as KKR lowered its offer almost immediately after Ramsay reported disappointing FY2022 results and Ramsay then rejected the new offer.

Ramsay deal at risk due to French connection

The US$15bn KKR acquisition of Australia-based Ramsay may not go ahead, owing to consistent problems with the hospital group’s French subsidiary. HBI chats to an Australian analyst to find out more.

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