Interview: Stefan Biesdorf, partner, health informatics and big data, McKinsey

Hospitals and insurers have been looking for consolidated digital health platforms ever since they grew tired of 'pilotitus' from a fragmented market. But what if they could become a central administrator to an "ecosystem" where thousands of start-ups become third-party plug-ins? Biesdorf is convinced that this is about to happen in Germany.

Filling an empty shift at short notice: disrupting agencies

Temporary agencies are expensive. Hiring a doctor through one in the UK can cost the NHS around €170 per shift and in Germany, the bill for a nurse comes in at anywhere between €70-€140. A handful of start-ups across Europe are deploying solutions to disrupt agencies and breakdown workforce silos. HBI looks at three - in the UK, France and Germany - to assess how the market is changing.

CVC “speaking with advisors” about Elsan sale

CVC Capital Partners is talking to advisors about sale options for Elsan, the large French hospital group it has owned since 2014, according to reports. We speculate on potential buyers.

Elsan buys third Moroccan hospital and talks strategy

French hospital group Elsan has acquired its third hospital in Morocco. Head of international development Emile Dinet talks HBI through its strategy in Africa's fifth-largest economy, which only recently allowed institutional investment into its health sector.

Private equity grabs France’s third-largest homecare group

French private equity firm Ardian has acquired a majority stake in Santé Cie, the parent company of medicalised homecare specialists Elivie and Asdia. We discuss Santé Cie's plans and the wider market with an expert in the respiratory sector from advisors Candesic.

MedEuropa enters French market

Pan-European radiotherapy group MedEuropa has entered the French market by acquiring a radiotherapy clinic on the site of an Elsan hospital. HBI speaks to CEO Ralph Hefti.

Interview: Thierry Chiche, CEO, Elsan

HBI talks to the CEO of Elsan, France's second-largest private hospital group and the largest private equity-owned one by revenue outside of the US, as it approaches its sixth - and possibly final - year of ownership by CVC. In this wide-ranging interview, Chiche discusses the group's strategy, the French market and exclusively reveals its latest acquisition.

Pension fund leads KRY’s €140m Series C

Canada's largest single-profession pension fund has become the lead investor in the KRY's €140m Series C funding round. HBI speculates on the investment, the valuation and future plans of Europe's largest digital health player.

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