German for profits’ growing influence in the healthcare sector

Germany's for-profit hospital sector has a growing role in the market's provision. Between 2014 and 2021, the percentage of German hospitals which were owned by the for-profit sector rose 2.3 percentage points to 44.5% and the number of beds controlled by the for-profit sector rose 0.9 percentage points to 24%.

Post Covid regulations in Spain could lead to care home closures

New regulations designed to protect an aging Spanish population post-Covid could see older, outdated care homes forced to close. HBI speaks to Alberto Fernandez, CEO of Madrid-based REIT Healthcare Activos to find out more about the risks and opportunities this presents.

Major outside hires at Orpea and AXA Health

This week, two major personnel changes were announced, one at the top of the French nursing home group Orpea and the other at UK health insurer AXA Health. Both names are outside hires, Fabienne Dulac from French telecoms company Orange France, and Heather Smith from financial service provider Allianz respectively.

Ramsay Sime Darby sale shortlist – Santé might be next

The sale of Malaysia and Indonesia-based hospital group Ramsay Sime Darby marches on, with a shortlist of candidates reportedly jostling for the $1.5bn purchase. Reports suggest French hospital group Ramsay Santé is next.

Germany cuts red tape to recruit outside EU

This summer, a new immigration reform was passed to make it easier for workers from non-EU countries to relocate to Germany. An Indian organisation plans to train 2,000 nurses for the German market. HBI speaks to experts to find out who will make the most of the changes and if it’s the best course of action to combat labour shortages.

Orpea sells 22 Dutch homes

This week, French nursing home operator Orpea announced the sale of 22 nursing home facilities in the Netherlands to Amvest Living & Care for €85m.

Ramsay share price plummets as results released

Australia-based multinational hospital group Ramsay Health Care’s disappointing results have seen its share price drop by double digits since close Wednesday. It seems its European segment’s performance did not match that of its other divisions.

Counting the Cost: The impact of inflation on Europe’s health care market

What impact has the high inflation of the past 18 months had on growth in Europe’s health care market? Have for-profit operators been able to pass on cost increases to payors? And have patients paying out of pocket, in the face of rising prices and squeezed budgets, cut back at all? In this first instalment to answer these questions, we focus on the for-profit hospital, imaging and nursing home sectors in the UK, France and Germany.

Interview – Ingeborg Oie, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer, Huma 

In this wide ranging interview we discuss the future of remote patient monitoring (RPM) software and government progress in ehealth. Through its RPM platform,  Huma claims to massively cut costs and improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.

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