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Synlab still benefiting from Covid testing windfall

Europe’s largest lab group Synlab earned €618m from Covid testing in the first half of 2022. This was a 30% drop from H1 2021, but higher than what it had initially forecasted for the period. Revenue from underlying, non-Covid activity was strong, at 7.2%, helped by several bolt-on acquisitions.

Amazon buys primary care network for 6x revenue

Amazon surprised markets by buying the loss-making One Medical US primary care chain for $18 a share, a 43% premium. In 2021 One Medical grew revenue by 64% to $623m, on which it lost $243.5m.

HBI 2022: Who will win the Subscription War?

Subscription health models were a popular conversation and "subscription" a bit of a buzzword at HBI2022. A panel of experts looked at how three different companies are making these models work.

HBI 2022: Panel sees a rosy future for ophthalmology

Ophthalmology continues to be a big area of investor interest, with considerable scope for consolidation in both healthcare services and also medical devices. As governments in the UK, Finland and parts of Eastern Europe in particular continue to increase outsourcing, the potential to unlock additional private pay services is increasing, and upselling of more complex lenses is on the rise. An expert panel convened at HBI 2022 to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the post-pandemic landscape.

HBI 2022: Dementia care clearly insufficient

The inexorable rise in the need for dementia care dominated the elderly care panel discussion at HBI 2022, whilst the global staffing crisis was also, inevitably, on the agenda. Is enough being done to prepare for the sharp rise in dementia patients expected in the coming years, and how are groups dealing with the war for talent? 

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